Overnight Parking At Mcdonald’s (cars, Rv’s + Towing)

In this case, overnight parking isn’t allowed at any McDonald’s in the United States, so even if you’re a local it’s best to drive to another McDonald’s.

Whether you’re just tired and want to stay for a few hours or you’re traveling around in an RV, this video has all the details that you need.

If you’re planning on staying with your RV in a McDonald’s parking lot overnight, make sure to notify them what your plans are so that they don’t take your RV away. If they have the right to tow your RV, make sure you have a receipt for your towing company and pay the charge. If your RV gets towed, make sure to contact your insurance company and the DMV to let them know.

 For those of you that are wondering about overnight parking at McDonald’s there are a few things to read about. First, the overnight lot is a little smaller than the dayparking lot. The overnight parking lot is located where the employee bathroom is located.

Is It Legal to Sleep in Your Car at McDonald’s Overnight?

It’s not legal to sleep in your car at McDonald’s overnight and you may find that if you’re caught, the manager will come outside and ask you to move.

If you’re asked to leave and refuse, McDonald’s employees may call the police to get you to move even if the McDonald’s location is closed and the employees are too tired because they started working a few hours into the night.

Does McDonald’s Allow RVs to Park Overnight?

There are several RV parks which allow RVs to park overnight, and others which are full time or seasonal.

The best way to start the conversation is by talking to the resort and asking for their overnight accommodation policy. If that’s not applicable you can use our search tool to find nearby RV Parks and Campgrounds.

Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Allow Overnight Parking

McDonald’s is a franchisee, so the lease stipulates that the customer must be a customer of the tenant, not just a customer of the tenant.

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The problem with self-driving cars is that they will not tell you that you’re having these health issues. The technology is not good enough to tell if you’re having a seizure or if you’re drunk, for example. So, they don’t want to take a chance of scaring the customer away.

McDonald’s workers frequently check parking lots to search for guests parked in their own car or RV, and will then ask you to leave, since they don’t know what you’re up to.

Closing is considered part of the ending policy.

The McDonald’s closing policy suggests that once the stores close and the doors are locked, the store should be empty and everyone should leave.

But McDonald’s doesn’t let people come in to use the bathroom or anything else, and it’s considered a security concern for employees when they close the store and count the register.

You can park at the curb or at an adjacent space for a maximum of two hours. You’re welcome to park in a bus-only lane or to enter an attached garage if you have a time-limit ticket.

McDonald’s has a 45-minute time limit for parking, including a 45-minute time limit for in-and-out transactions, although in some locations it could be an hour, but after that McDonald’s can have your car towed if you don’t leave.

A woman did something crazy in Minnesota where she left her car unattended for a few minutes while she went to Subway first before heading back to McDonald’s to get more food. Then, her vehicle was towed away.

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A further complication is the increase in traffic in those off-peak morning hours.

The Constitution of the United States says that everyone is equal under the law.

McDonald’s is a corporation that believes that everyone should be treated equally and they don’t offer any parking privileges.

It does make it a bit harder to have a “meeting of the minds” if the employee has a different schedule than the management team or a different level of customer service.

McDonald’s generally allows you to park in the lot if you request it but it’s not guaranteed. You can request a parking spot.

Will McDonald’s Tow My Car If I Leave It Overnight?

McDonald’s can towed your car if you leave it overnight, even if you’re in the car.

They are known for towing cars if they stay in a parking spot for too long, or will call the cops to handle the matter.

Further, police will also patrol McDonalds looking for out of place vehicles and parked cars, so it’s best to avoid it altogether, or else you could be towed or worse!

Where Can You Go for Overnight Parking?

There are many places you can park your car at, including those in city lots, RV parks, and parking lots and garages.

You’ll see that most restaurants do not allow overnight parking. The whole point of fast food is to make quick trips to get food in and out.

Unfortunately, what you’re asking the manager at a fast-food restaurant is a little more involved. The manager might not allow you to stay the night and might make you leave.

You can also check out our blog post that is specific to Walmart overnight parking, if Target allows overnight parking, and overnight parking at Home Depot.


The McDonald’s franchisee said that you are not allowed to park overnight in the McDonald’s parking lot.

If you have a few extra nights of accommodation, or if you are looking to make extra money, it is possible to stay in the hotel parking lot.

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