Uber Eats Order Never Arrived (why, What To Do + Other Faqs)

However, in France, it’s complicated by the fact that a lot of restaurants don’t take credit cards. So, if you try to pay with your phone, you might find yourself having to open a separate app to manage your payment.

Sometimes, even though you ordered food through, you don’t get it. Here’s all the ways you can check to see if it shows up.

Why Didn’t My Uber Eats Order Arrive In 2022?

When the driver isn’t to blame, the restaurant has to be on the hook. You can still choose to file a claim against the restaurant in this unfortunate situation, though. To get better compensation or a refund for your stolen Uber Eats order, you can file a claim against the restaurant.

You will find out everything you need to know about an Uber Eats order never arriving, including how to deal with it, what happens when you report it, and more!

What Happens If My Uber Eats Never Arrived?

If you order from Uber Eats and the food never arrive, Uber will warn the drivers responsible for delivery and tell them to fix the issue.

You may also be able to fix your order, even if you aren’t able to catch the delivery person.

If you accidentally hit deactivate in any way, this will not automatically deactivate your account. You need to contact Uber Support to have your account deactivated.

Does Uber Eats Refund If You Don’t Get Your Food?

Yes, you will get your money back if you order a pizza and don’t eat it, but some of us prefer to eat it and not pay for it.

You might want to see how many times you’ve been through this process in a month. If that number is high, you might want to wait until a few months have passed before you ask again.

Further, when it is suspected that the food has not arrived, Uber Eats will review the circumstances and determine where blame lies.

After that, if the company finds the fault is with someone other than the driver, the restaurant or the company, you should be able to get your money back or get a comped meal.

However, even if Uber Eats determines you are at fault, you’ll lose the meal, which could be quite expensive for some.

This is also a common practice used by Uber Eats. They will not give you a refund if they didn’t reach you, even if the order was correct.

The issue was that contacting you was not a reasonable measure in their view and they could not be bothered to contact you.

How Do I Contact Uber Eats About Missing Food?

You can contact customer service of Uber Eats via phone at 800-253-9377 to speak to them.

Especially if you are a power user, it is a great way for you to interact with the people who make the product for you.

Uber Eats also offers the option of having a local phone number displayed on each delivery. You can find this option under the “Information” section of the My Account tab in the Uber Eats app.

Moreover, you can reach Uber Eats customer support by email at eats@uber.com. But the problem with this method is that can take a while to respond to you.

Finally, everyone’s favorite food delivery service has accounts on all of the big social media sites.

Some online businesses, like eBay, usually get you a faster response time.

If your restaurant is closed or you can’t get into contact, you can write a comment on Instagram and post it with a link.

This strategy works best on the social media marketing because companies try to avoid negative press.

Why Is Uber Eats Taking So Long?

Sometimes your order is processed and takes longer than usual.
Delivery is being held up because your chosen delivery partner is experiencing technical difficulties and this takes a bit of time.
Service/delivery partners might not be available to deliver.

Why Is No One Picking Up My Uber Eats?

If no one picks up my Uber Eats, the order might get canceled, and I might still get some free food.

One of the main reasons this occurs is that drivers think it’s worth it to give a low tip or don’t give one.

This is the reason why the drivers don’t receive any sort of guarantee when tipping via cash, and for that reason, the drivers are going through all kinds of difficulties in completing your order.

Uber Eats customers can also ask to extend the delivery time on their Order if the delivery is cancelled.
Uber Eats provides a way to ask for an extension.


If you had your Uber Eats delivery and it never showed up, that probably means it was stolen. However, it might have been the person that retrieved the food right after you placed the order, or maybe the driver just accidentally dropped it off and forgot to take you back.

So if a driver gets a red light penalty, they will lose points and their account will be deactivated if the number of points they have exceeds a limit.

When you use the Uber Eats app, you can report that you didn’t receive your delivery.

I had to get the product in the first place before the sale, so if it doesn’t work, I get my money back.

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