Why Can’t I Cash Out On Uber Eats? (4 Reasons!)

Did you ever try to cash in your Uber Eats earnings and be unsuccessful? You are not the only one.

This is a problem many people have been dealing with lately.

This blog post will explain what to do if you are unable to receive your Uber Eats money. We’ll also offer some solutions.

Why can’t I cash out on Uber Eats?

You may not be able to cash out on Uber Eats if you meet certain conditions. You may try to cash out more than the weekly limit. Your bank may still be processing an earlier cash out. Your account could have been inactive for less than 2 weeks after your first delivery and/or you may have made fewer than 25 deliveries.

Your account could be subject to security review and cashouts may be temporarily blocked. Don’t panic if any of these conditions are applicable to you.

Once the problem is fixed, you should be able cash out. Uber Eats customer service can help you if there is an error in your account.

What to do if Uber Eats Cash out isn’t working?

Ever tried to cash out Uber Eats and it didn’t work? There are several things you can try to fix the problem.

First, ensure that you have the most recent version of the app on your phone. Sometimes, cash-out problems can be solved with a simple update.

Try restarting your phone if that fails. Contact Uber support if neither of these solutions work.

They can help you determine the cause and get your account back up and running.

You can order food via the app, and pay with your debit or credit card.

Uber Eats Instant Cash Out

Drivers have the freedom to work when they like and can earn money through deliveries. Uber Eats offers drivers instant cash. Yes!

Uber Eats provides Instant Pay which allows drivers to instantly cash out their earnings after every delivery. This feature is great for drivers who want immediate access to their earnings.

Uber Driver App offers instant pay, which can be used any time day or night.

Cashouts are available regardless of how small your delivery was.

Uber Eats drivers should take advantage of this feature.

Is Uber Eats Cash-Out Limited?

Cash outs can be a useful feature if your earnings are not available immediately. Uber Eats has a cap on the amount you can cash out per week. However, it is still quite generous.


If you have a hectic week and need to quickly access your earnings, you can do it without worrying. Keep an eye on your balance to ensure you don’t exceed your weekly limit.

When will my funds arrive?

Instant cash out allows you to cash out quickly and your funds will be in your account within minutes. There is a daily maintenance window that runs from 21:30 to 04:00.

Cash outs made during this period will result in your payment being held up for payment. You will receive payment once maintenance has been completed.

On Saturdays, there is an additional weekly maintenance window. This window’s exact timing is subject to change. When you cash out, these maintenance windows will be clearly indicated in the app.

Two-day cashout is when you withdraw funds on a business day that falls before 14:00. Your funds will arrive in two business days.

Your bank may have different processing times. Uber will make every effort to process payments as quickly and efficiently as possible, but this is not always possible.

Are there any fees when you cash out?

There is no charge for cashing out Uber Eats. Uber has made cash available for free since 2020 in the Pandemic, to support their drivers during difficult times.

Learn more about Uber Eats. You can find out how to cancel UberEats passes, how Uber Eats drivers receive tips, and whether DoorDash is more affordable than Uber Eats.


These solutions will help you if Uber Eats won’t allow you to withdraw. Update the app and start your phone. You should also ensure that your phone isn’t flagged as a security risk or have not been flagged. Contact Uber if you are still unable to cash out after all this.

Uber Eats Instant Pay allows drivers to cash out after every delivery. This service is great for drivers who require cash fast. Even if you have only delivered one item, you can still cash out.

Uber Eats allows you to cash out profits quickly and easily. There are no additional fees when you cash out.


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