What Is Uber Eats Pass? (all You Need To Know)

If you get your own food and don’t have to worry about pick up times or delivery fees, it’s a great way to save money on groceries.

Many of these services offer additional programs to make them more convenient for users. One such program is Uber Eats Pas, which I’ll discuss in detail below!

What Is Uber Eats Pass In 2022?

Uber Eats Pass is a premium subscription service for Uber Eats, and it costs $10 a month. This allows you to not have to pay extra for delivery,
but you must pay an additional $3.99 to get free delivery on your first order. You can still get free delivery by adding delivery charges (as is the UberEats app’s default behavior) on orders $15 and above.

Check out these tips on how to maximize your Uber Eats experience, from where to place your order, to when and where you should eat.

What Happened To Uber Eats Pass?

One rides and deliveries;
One driver rating;
One tip based on the rating;
One bonus for monthly active drivers.

This feature is called Uber One.

What Do You Get With Uber Eats Pass?

You get unlimited free food from over 100,000 restaurants, including delivery straight to your door.
You save 25% on Uber rides.

You have to be careful on which restaurants you order from, because you can only access the services.

Is Uber Eats Pass Free With Amex?

It was a promotion where customers with Amex could get a discount for their Uber Eats trips.

The offer is still valid if you’re eligible to use your American Express Card to pay for all your trips with Uber.

Further, you were provided with 12 months of unlimited food and drink delivery with Uber Eats Pass, calculated from the time you enrolled.

There are no terms on this card.
There is no exclusivity agreement or any other type of agreement that would bar the card from other issuers.

This makes the service less attractive when you consider the monthly fee is quite big for a relatively low quality service.

What Cities Have Uber Eats Pass?

The app is available in the UK, Ireland is available in the UK and Australia is available in Australia.

There was only enough space for the company to test the service in a small portion of the US because it was still in testing, and to improve their service.

Are Uber Pass And Uber Eats Pass The Same?

The number of diners and Uber drivers would increase.
Diners would get a discount code that they can use for free food on Uber Eats.
Diners could also choose between Uber X or Uber Eats.
Both riders and drivers had access to an exclusive menu of food based on what restaurants and cuisines are in the area they want to go to.

The Eats Pass is now free for new users and $9.99/month for the rest of the month, while Uber has increased to $19.99 a month as of September 20th.

Can You Cancel Uber Eats Pass Free Trial?

If you have the Uber Eats Pass free trial, you can get out in less than an hour if you can get access to the Uber Eats delivery services.

It has also not made them available just to anyone, because of the fact that they want to get everyone to use the service.

If you have an Eats Pass Subscription, you can cancel your subscription up to 48 hours before you get charged again.

Is Uber Eats Pass Worth It?

Uber Eats Pass is worth it if you are going to order food from the platform a lot.

Someone who orders food via Uber Eats three of more times a month would most likely not justify the cost of a premium subscription.

However, the program is restricted to participating restaurants, and there’s the $15 minimum you need to clear before you can get a lot of the benefits. It’s a pretty good deal if you’re only going to be spending $20 or less, but if you go outside of that price range it’s going to start to get a little bit expensive.

Not only that, but you don’t have to pay the service fee when you order from a participating restaurant.

Moreover, it’s very limited in availability; you couldn’t get it anywhere outside the US or most of Canada.

That means even if I subscribed to Uber Eats Pass in Germany and France, I couldn’t get any of the benefits.

Subscriber claims “it has been impossible to order anything in the last month”.
Subscriber claims that “The ordering process is not reliable”.
Subscriber claims that the ordering process crashes “at least once per hour”.

It’s also important to read our post on delivery time and speed, our post on the Uber Eats app, and our post on Uber Eats tips.


A subscription service for Uber Eats is a service they offer that lets your friends and family get food delivered to them.

If you want to ride with drivers in the Uber app, then you should use Uber one. The way it works is that you ride with a regular Uber, but the ride is covered by the Uber app.

It also includes free delivery, priority customer service, and exclusive dining experiences for customers who have booked with the company.

Although Uber Eats Pass does not prevent service charges, it is still more beneficial if you are able to control your costs.

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