Uber Eats Order Cancelled (why, What To Do + Other Faqs)

It’s easy. You place an order. You get notified when your food has been ordered and delivered.

If you have ordered food from Uber Eats and it has now been canceled by the customer, they may not even know what to do and thus, this could prove to be quite a headache for you.

Why Did My Uber Eats Order Get Canceled In 2022?

If your Amazon Echo order or Alexa order was canceled, it could be because the restaurant or the grocery store could no longer prepare it in time because of a pandemic. Alexa order drivers sometimes cancel orders because they were unable to reach you or got to the store after it closed.

You can always cancel your order in Uber Eats, but there are a few things you should know first.
You can see your canceled orders on your account
All cancellations are sent to your order history
You can also see the cancellations in your Uber menu
You can access your order history and cancel your orders at any time.

What Do I Do If Uber Eats Cancels My Order?

People who choose to order food from Uber Eats should report any problems as soon as possible. If they’re not eligible for a refund, people can use this code to get a $5 credit on their account.

The whole time I ordered, I felt like I was on the set of some movie about a guy and a girl who were just going back and forth.

The restaurant was closed at this time. The staff might be busy, so you could try waiting, or you can take the pizza to a nearby restaurant that is open at this time.

There are also situations where it would be difficult to check if an address is correct, or if it’s close to the place where a delivery needs to be made, but users can cancel orders.

The order was paid and accepted by the driver, thus he can’t go back on his word.

What Happens When Your Uber Eats Order Is Canceled?

If the order was canceled by the restaurant, you’ll get an order cancellation email within 24 hours to let you know the restaurant canceled your order.

The staff could be given the choice to return it to the customer and they decide what to do with it (return it as a gift, throw it out, etc).

If the order gets canceled after the Uber Eats driver already picked it up in the customer’s favor, you as the driver have to return the food back to the customer, and you have to discard the food yourself.

The driver could throw it out of the window. Since it’s not in the car, the driver could not be fined.
The driver could keep the food and eat it (in a police car, for example).

The restaurant owner could be charged for letting the driver eat the food.
The driver could be charged for eating the food.

Does Uber Eats Refund Canceled Orders?

Uber Eats customer service tried to resolve an issue or they cancelled the order before the order was fully handled.

If there was a cancellation by the other driver, and if the other driver tried and failed to contact you to find out if you’d accept a cancellation, you might be eligible for a refund.

Additionally, you are able to reach the customer for around 8 minutes before they cancel the order.

In this example you can see that the sentences are roughly balanced and have similar lengths.

Does Uber Eats Still Charge If You Cancel?

Uber Eats still charges you if you cancel after you ordered food and did not take more than 48 hours to confirm your order.

I also found several other reports of these cancellations, but only from Australia. I looked into it myself, and Uber Eats says they are investigating. But, as with so many things, there’s no “official” response.

So, if something like this happens to you, contact your card company to dispute the charges.
For more information on this, you can refer to this article from the USA.gov website.

How Do I Get A Refund From Uber Eats?

You need to tell the customer service team as soon as possible and complain about the cancellation.

I have not been able to establish that they are responsible for the canceling it, but I do know that they have lied to me about why it was canceled and that they are being very uncooperative.

If the restaurant determines that it was a mistake and you are not at fault, they will refund the difference, or perhaps refund a comped meal.

How Long Does Uber Eats Take To Refund A Canceled Order?

UberEats might take between one to five business days to issue a refund for a canceled order depending on how long it takes to review the case and how fast your bank processes

To know more, you can also read our posts on why it is not possible to order food through Uber Eats, and how to get food through other delivery services.


When your order is cancelled, it might be because the driver couldn’t find your address, or because the restaurant could have been busy and they tried to contact you, but they weren’t able to. It might also be that the restaurant closed early for the day or they were swamped.

If you want to avoid getting a bad Uber Eats delivery, first of all, you should try ordering the food long before the restaurant’s closing time.

Uber Eats issues refunds for canceled orders as long as they weren’t the consumers fault.

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