Currently Unavailable Uber Eats (what It Means, What To Do + More)

People use food delivery services for the same reasons they use ride-sharing services like Uber.

Sometimes restaurant availability on Uber Eats can be misleading, which can lead to a lot of frustrations. We looked into what’s going on when that’s happening and how you can get better results.

Why Is a Restaurant Currently Unavailable on Uber Eats In 2022?

If a restaurant says it’s currently unavailable on Uber Eats it might be because they’re swamped. They might also have an issue with their hardware in 2022. If a restaurant on Uber Eats is unavailable, you might be able to wait, or order from another restaurant.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into why restaurants are being unavailable on Uber Eats. We’ll also check some other similar issue.

How Does the Uber Eats Tablet Work?

They will also be connected to the driver management system that keeps track of driver information.

The app, which costs $9.99, will allow chefs to find out what local markets are best for their products and customers to find out where their favorite chef is cooking.

Restaurants can set their own operating hours and these determine when customers can place orders but the restaurant also has to be online and active.

If the restaurant’s status is unavailable, the UI on each tablet will change and show a message stating the restaurant is unavailable.

The restaurants might be deliberately closed temporarily to prevent new orders from being filled while existing orders are being finished.

If you run into this issue, you should order from another restaurant. This should fix the issue.

Why Does Uber Eats Say a Restaurant Is Closed When It’s Not?

If a restaurant on Uber Eats says it’s closed when it’s not, then it’s because the restaurant owner has made changes on the tablet.

When the status of the restaurant changes to unavailable, the restaurant will no longer appear in the restaurant search and the customer will be shown a message that the restaurant has changed its status to unavailable.

This option helps to keep new orders from coming in and to keep some of the current orders online.

This is only one option, you can also just wait for an hour, or you can order from a different restaurant if you’re in a hurry.

Why Isn’t Uber Eats Working?

Whether Uber Eats is working or not, it is usually the case that you can check its status online.

Another reason for this might be due to your internet connection. You can easily verify this by testing your connection on other apps or services.

If you can’t get this to work, your device may have had an Uber Eats app installed in the past and that program could be causing the problem. It’s likely that you’ve already removed Uber Eats, but you might want to try re-installing the app.
Your device might also have an older version of Android and you might want to try removing Uber Eats and testing if you still get bad behavior.
If neither of these work, you might want to try contacting Uber Eats customer support.

If you are using the app and restarting it, there is no way to use it if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can’t get a refund, and you can’t cancel the receipt either.

For whatever reason, Uber Eats has been offline for a very long time. You can usually wait a short while for it to come back up.

Why Is Uber Eats Taking Long?

Eats might be taking too long to reach and/or the orders might not be received in time. The customer will receive a notification via the app and customer should check their Order History. To help us get to the bottom of the issue click the “I’m sorry” button. Please help us improve by providing your feedback in the “I’m sorry” button and we will work on improving the experience for you.

If the person that delivers your order does not do a good job, it will be canceled, you will get your money back, and you can try ordering again.

What Time Does Uber Eats Close?

Not even for holidays. Not even for funerals. Not even for weddings. Not even for graduations or grad parties.

What Happens If I Order From Uber Eats If the Restaurant Is Closed?

If you use Uber Eats and you notice the restaurant is closed, you might be eligible to have your order refunded.

So, it’s a pretty rare thing to happen, which is why it’s not something to worry about.

I’ve never had this issue before, and I have ordered food from this restaurant hundreds of times.

As soon as this happens, you should go to your local Customer Support Team in order for the refund to get processed.

*Refund requests for incidents reported more than 48 hours after they occurred will be reviewed and may be subject to a review fee. We don’t consider refunds for incidents reported more than 48 hours before they occur, so you should act immediately.

Please read our article on when does Uber Eats stops delivering and read about the order that was never delivered to try to learn what actions you can take.


If a restaurant on Uber Eats says it’s unavailable, it might be because the restaurant is offline on the Uber Eats orders app or tablet. The tablet is used to manage reservations and to receive orders. Uber Eats issues this tablet to all restaurants that partner with it. This tablet can be used in the kitchen, so the restaurant can accept takeout, pickup and delivery orders but is not usually used in the dining room to seat guests.

Restaurants can use the “Unavailable” status to keep new orders from coming in. If they have a large backlog, they can also choose to change their status to “Unavailable” in order to keep new food from coming in.

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