How Can I Quit Walgreens? (all You Need To Know)

If you’re quitting your job at walgreens, it’s a good idea to get a reference from your manager so you don’t burn any bridges as you go.

If you want to quit your job or you want to know the right way to leave your job at the drugstore, read on for our top suggestions.

How Can I Quit Walgreens In 2022?

To quit your job at Walgreens, start by speaking with your Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager and let them know that you’ll be leaving. It’s a good idea to give at least two weeks’ notice, but there is no need to do so in 2022. You can follow up the conversation with a letter or email.

If you want to find out more about how to leave a job at Walgreens, and how to give a resignation letter, then keep on reading for more useful information!

What’s the Right Way to Quit Your Job at Walgreens?

To your question, you want to leave a job where you were not satisfied with your employment, and it wasn’t going as well as planned. You need to communicate with your manager and show them you want to leave. When they ask why, you want to be able to provide a valid reason, and explain to them that you are able to improve yourself in the future.

A two-week notice will help your employer to find someone to replace you. This will give you time to make a good impression, and you will stay on good terms with the employer after you leave.

You should have a good plan for what you would like to do with your life, and when you should be able to start doing it. Make sure you tell them whether you plan on working for the company, or not. It will be easier in the beginning to find a way to work for a company, but at some point if you have a long term plan in mind, it might make more sense to freelance.

It’s not like you have to give a reason, but you can state it if like, eg. if you’re moving, getting a new job etc.

A good idea is to follow up the conversation with a letter stating your intention to resign and your exact date of resignation.

Do I Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice?

You will be expected to give up two weeks pay when you quit your job at Walgreens. It is not necessary to give two weeks’ notice when you quit your job at Walgreens since it is at-will employment.

It is always a good idea to ask questions before you start working, to help you get off to a good start with your project and to make your time on the project more enjoyable and productive.

you can be rehired by asking the store manager if you’re needed back for your position.

Will Walgreens Rehire?

Walgreens will immediately rehire any employees who were terminated in good standing, and will rehire any workers who resigned.

A company must give two weeks’ notice of any change in the employment of an employee.

Your best bet is to find out what your schedule is each week and give a week’s notice if you need to take a temporary position. Even if you need to quit a year from now, it will be better to give a week’s notice than a month’s notice.

You can also be rehired in a shorter amount of time. It’s also possible to get hired at a different position such as, cashier.

However, in the case of a termination for cause, rehiring is not permitted for the first 180 days following the date of termination.

If their reasons for termination was the theft of time, misappropriation of time or any kind of violence, they will not be rehired.

How Long Does Your Health Insurance Last?

Employees who were offered continuing health insurance through their employer (Walgreens) reported a different experience than those who were offered continuing health insurance on their own.

The employer provided insurance doesn’t continue until you’ve left the company.
You’re on your own if you have a gap in your insurance.

Why Are People Quitting at Walgreens?

As Walgreens struggles with high employee turnover, Walgreens’ stock price has taken a beating. The shares are down over 7% this year, and the company is facing a cash crunch.

The employee will ask for a raise and/or bonus,
They are afraid Walgreens will make cuts at the job,
They are afraid the boss will ask them to do too much work during a short time,
They believe the boss is trying to be unfair to them.

A person’s employment is another factor that contributes to the reason why a person would seek to change jobs.

How Do I Contact Walgreens Human Resources?

You can still ask for a W2 and any other paperwork after you leave your current job. You will also need to contact your previous employer to get your final paycheck.

You can contact Human Resources at the number 1-855-777-0078. You can also visit the Work & Life resources page on the website at

How Do I Write a Pharmacist’s Letter of Resignation?

When a trained pharmacist leaves a job, the employer has the opportunity to set a positive example by helping to make a smooth exit and transition.

We can also offer a pay raise or a promotion, but you should be careful with the timing of this offer.

You should be giving copies of the letter to your manager, and to the Human Resources Director.

If you want to learn more about this Walgreens policy, you can also read our posts on Walgreens shoplifting policy, Walgreens bereavement policy, and Walgreens competitors.


Quitting your job at Walgreens is a serious decision, and you should do it right. You should talk to the Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager, giving two weeks’ notice to be on the safe side.

You can also write about leaving your employment in a professional manner. If you’re feeling charitable, you can mention how a new opportunity has come up.

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