How To Quit Costco (all You Need To Know)

According to a Costco employee, as long as your employer doesn’t ask and you don’t have any immediate family commitments, you can leave.

How to Quit Costco In 2022

If you worked at Costco for an average of 20 hours a week, you would receive an extra bonus of $2,000 for each year you worked there, up to a maximum of $14,000. You would also be eligible for the annual bonus if you quit your job at Costco and go back within one year. You can earn the bonus if you are still employed there on August 11, 2022.

To get all the details about Costco, and the next steps you need to take, keep reading for all the details!

Should I Put In My Two Weeks’ Notice to Quit Costco?

If you’re interested in leaving your job at Costco, you should be wondering if you need to do a job search or make an application for a different position.

Talk to the store manager immediately and let them know that you do not wish to shop in their store anymore because of their unacceptable treatment of you.

It’s not a legal requirement, but I would say that being in your field you should know your rights and that the workers should have the same rights as you.

For one, you may need to come back to work at the same Costco store, or you may need to ask your supervisor for a reference before you’re even considered for a job.

Also you want to be specific as to how you are going to do this, and what time you are going to be showing up. It might be that you want to tell them now that you will be coming in at 8am and leave at 5pm, Monday through Friday, and that you will need at least two weeks of notice.

After spending two weeks in the foster care system, you’ll need to complete a few more paperwork, and then you’re on your way.

Do I Need a Resignation Letter?

You should talk to your supervisor about your resignation and two weeks’ notice if you want to resign.

Handing over a letter or email when leaving your job could be a part of the end of service agreement or severance package.

Does Costco Pay Out Your Paid Time Off?

Costco does not let employees use PTO to work at other jobs – this is not allowed. If you have accrued PTO, you must wait until PTO is officially used before you can use it at a different job. It can take up to 90 days for PTO to be used to your benefit. If a situation does not work out at Costco, you will likely use PTO to fill the time you would have been working at the prior job.

The good news is that Costco does pay out remaining PTO when you quit your job. There’s even a check for it.

Can You Still Access Your Employee Self-Service Account After You Quit Costco?

Former employees who were terminated for cause will not be able to access their Employee Self-Service accounts at Costco for 25 months after they leave. They would have to create a new MyCostco Account to access their data.

Add a new email address for your account and you can start logging in to your Costco account. You can change your Costco login email address anytime you want. You can also add an alternate email address in Setup > Email Settings.

Can You Still Get Your Bonus If You Leave Costco?

Most former employees of Costco agree. In order to receive a bonus at Costco, one must be under “active” employment.

Some say that they did get paid but at least a part of their bonus based on hours worked, even though the pay date was after they left.

Can You Roll Over Your 401k When You Leave Costco?

I did this and I am sure other Costco employees have done this too. Costco employees have the option to roll over money into an IRA. Most are unaware of this option.

That’s true, however if you retire, you won’t pay any taxes because you’re not working.

Can You Get Rehired at Costco If You Quit?

Costco does return employees who have quit their job with Costco earlier, but the waiting period of one year may be required.

It is a seasonal position and reapplying for it is possible in the summertime.

Costco hires seasonal employees, but it’s not guaranteed at this point. As we’ve discussed before, when a candidate is hired, they’ll have to apply and meet the requirements to be a permanent employee.

The hiring manager is going to contact the store where the applicant used to work, to find out whether they were in good standing when they left.

If people are hired to work at Costco for a certain amount of time, they normally have to give two weeks of notice when they leave.

The former employees will be hired at a job for which they are qualified, but they will have to start right from the beginning.

Costco’s goal is to not give people too much leverage and force a situation where they can not leave due to loss of benefits.

If you would like to learn more about whether or not Costco hires part-time, if Costco is a good place to work, and if Costco have a bereavement policy, go to this page.


If you have to quit your job at Costco, it’s best to do it professionally two weeks before your scheduled departure date. This will leave you to come to work in a professional attire, which might help you if you need to go back to work or ask for a reference.

Costco is a great place to leave, but it is not a great place to work. Employees can use the online Employee Self-Service site to make sure they can wrap up loose ends.

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