23 Biggest Target Competitors (your Full Guide)

Target is a big retail brand that has nearly 2,900 locations in the United States. It generated $93 billion in revenue during 2020.

Target is a great company but I think one should compare a company to several of its competitors. That way you can get a feel for how good or bad your company is.

If you’re wondering where Target competes versus other stores, you’re definitely at the right place! You’ll learn everything you need to know about Target’s global competition today!

Target Competitors In 2022

Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Kroger, Best Buy, and Sam’s Club. These stores are among the top competitors for Target. Other stores that give Target competition are Walmart, HomeGoods, Tesco, Best Buy, Target, and Costco. They offer several thousands of products, including improvement, electronics, clothing, home decor, and shoes.

I’ll give you information about other Target competitors, like where they are, where to shop for them, and even more information.

1. Walmart

In addition to being good at stocking Walmart has great prices so it’s best to make purchases there.

Clothing, Home Furnishings, Automotive, Footwear, and Electronic Supplies.

Walmart made $559 billion dollars in revenue from more than 10,500 stores in 24 countries worldwide!

2. Amazon

Amazon is a world leader in shopping online, offering thousands of products for sale through the Amazon site, and through more than 100,000 third-party sellers.

As a result, it’s easy to see why Amazon is a top competitor to Target. Further, Amazon offers products online, including: ebooks, digital music, videos, gaming hardware, games, DVDs, and more.

As well as being the world’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon is also the worlds largest cloud computing company and has the largest blockchain portfolio.

3. Kroger

Kroger competes with Target by providing electronics, groceries, household supplies and much more.

Kroger has posted $70 billion in revenue. This is from its 2,800 stores throughout the US. Kroger is known for its high quality merchandise, and it’s known for being affordable to everyone. Kroger is also known for its low prices on its private label generics.

4. Macy’s

Macy’s is a leading retail store that competes with Target in a variety of categories, including: merchandise for sale, apparel, footwear, cosmetics, food and beverages, home furnishings, and jewelry.

While Target is more expensive than Macy’s, the selection consists of many higher-end products and brands.

In addition, he’s also got plans to open a store at the mall.

The company also ships its products to over 200 countries worldwide and has become a top competitor to Target in the international market.

Also, it is a family-owned business and it is the second biggest department store in the United States and the third largest retailer in the world.

In 2019, Macy’s reported $14.59 billion in sales with 12,700 employees.

5. Best Buy

Best Buy is an electronics provider with 1,159 stores within the U.S. and Canada. It’s a top competitor to Target.

Best Buy continues to be a competitor with quality products and knowledgeable staff.
It’s not a lot, but a $47 billion dollar company is still a lot.

6. Costco

Costco is the best-selling big-box retailer in the United States and the second largest in the world.

In fact, most of the Costco members are members because the stores stock items for a low cost.

Costco also offers more products than Sam’s Club, and most stores are bigger, making it more of an international competitor to Target.

Both Walmart and Costco have more locations than Target.

7. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is one of the biggest grocery stores in the U.S. with revenue exceeding $163 billion and is a close competitor to Target.

Sam’s club only appears in the United States, but it also has stores in Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Walmart is a great place to shop for groceries at a great price, but you have to have a membership to shop there.

8. Home Depot

Home Depot is a competitor to Target Home Improvement Department in the United States. That said, it is the biggest home improvement retailer in the United States, with 1,987 stores nationwide.

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Besides being a great website for all of your home improvement and garden needs, Home Depot has been doing surprisingly well.

9. Lowe’s

Target’s home improvement division is known as DWR and has over 2,200 stores. Lowe’s also competes in the industry with Home Depot.

Lowe’s is a trusted source for household products, including plumbing supplies, lumber and tools.

10. Meijer

Meijer is an online competitor to Target, mostly because it offers a bunch of products that you can’t get online, like grocery items and diapers.

Meijer also includes some special events as well that you’ll want to check out.

The company made $19.59 billion in revenue with its 259 stores in the United States.

11. Kohl’s


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Kohl’s actually competes with Target when it comes to beauty products because it’s one of the most well-known stores to purchase essential beauty items for families!

Kohl’s also has 1,162 stores operating in the United States. It took in $19.974 billion in revenue last year.

12. Whole Foods

Amazon is a competitor to Target in the grocery sector since it is selling organic and healthy products to people worldwide.

Although they do have many different brands with different products, they also have a very good selection of cheap organic food options for people making healthy choices.

As of the first quarter of 2019, there are 500 stores around the world, which collectively bring in over $385 billion.

13. BJ’s Wholesale

In this case, I am going to use “great competitor” and “low prices” separately. The “great competitor” is not a modifier in this sentence.

Wholesale stores have become so important in the economy that in 2020 their revenue surpassed the revenue of other kinds of retailers.

14. JCPenney

JCPenney is a mid-scale department store that stocks a variety of products. They are known for their great prices and decent quality.

Women’s watches, men’s watches, jewelry, scarves, bags, wallets, necklaces, earrings, ties and scarves, shoes, and much more.

Additionally, JCPenney posted revenue was $4.147 billion in 2020, which was substantially lower than 2019. It’s still one of the strongest competitors to Target.

15. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a reputable chain of stores for high-end fashion and other services, and competes with Target for consumers looking for high-end retailing.

For the Nordstrom Rack stores, it’s about to get an upgrade and it will be called “the Nordstrom Rack”.

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The Nordstrom’s revenue was $15.524 billion. Despite it being short of expectations, most customers became more budget-conscious, and spent less in the process.

16. TJ Maxx

apparel, accessories, beauty, bedding, baby, cards, computer and technology, jewelry, home, men and women’s, music, sporting goods, toys, and a large selection of home decor, including furniture.

We also have more than 1,250 TJ Maxx stores in the United States.

It’s also cheaper to shop there, because you don’t get quality products regardless of what you’re buying.

The retailer is also known as TK Maxx in places like Australia, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Europe, the Netherlands, and Austria.

The revenue of TJ Maxx increased $2.742 billion over last year thanks to the strong performance of its store operations.

17. HomeGoods

The company also announced its first major eCommerce initiative, known as the TJX HomeGoods site. The effort is designed to compete more directly with rivals like The Gap.

The company will be launching a new website targeting the same audience of young families that is being served by The Gap and Target, which should be giving TJX a run for its money!

HomeGoods is a leader in home decor, furniture and more. It has over 650 stores in the United States and Britain. And it ships goods around the world.

18. Carrefour

The largest store in Europe is Carrefour, which has more than 12,000 stores and a presence in 30 countries in Europe. It is the largest grocery store in the European market place.

Carrefour is a multinational corporation based in France and has built up a successful business by selling high-quality products at affordable prices.

19. Tesco

Target is a mass merchandiser selling a wide variety of goods so it competes with Walmart, Costco, and other retailers. Target is the largest U.S. retailer.


Tesso is a brand of biscuits created by the Italian company Mondelez that are made with the help of the company’s technology company Queso and are available in many stores in Germany.

Tesco also has branches in numerous countries, and that helps it generate revenue of 53 billion British pounds annually.

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In order to continue to serve you and your family, Tesco is continually expanding its line of products to provide the best and most affordable products available.

20. Aldi

Aldi has stores in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., the U.S., and many other countries.

Aldi is low in price and have generic brands, so it’s a great option if you’re on a budget.

It’s interesting to note that the German business has not only seen a tremendous increase in revenue, it has done so in record time, proving to be a successful strategy in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

21. Marshalls

J.C. Penney, one of Canada’s largest department stores, has been a staple in Canada for over a century.

There are stores like Marshalls for selling different kinds of clothes, and then other stores like Homegoods and Bed Bath & Beyond that sell everything else. To make it even better, there is also an eCommerce division that is doing very well, and you can find a variety of products, including clothing, shoes, handbags, and home decor.

Target sells groceries (Target has a grocery section that is part of their store), and it also has similar features and services for people who do not shop at Target (Target offers same-day grocery delivery in about 20 states, and you can order groceries online and have them delivered to the store, and Target also has a partnership with Instacart to deliver groceries).

While TJX Companies is looking to become just as big as Target, it is also looking to become more popular. While it is trying to become more popular, it is also looking to attract more people.

22. Myer

Myer offers a wide variety of products that are the same as other department stores. It offers a selection of furniture, clothing, beauty, electronics, and gifts.

Additionally he had a loss of $42 million from July 2020 through July 2021.

[7/27/2020]: The company issued a $4 million personal cheque from the $5 million of capital Myer held in a personal holding company, Myer Holdings Pty Ltd.

23. Officeworks

Target is a competitor to Officeworks in Australia with over 507,000 square-foot stores in 42 states and with more stores being added in the future. Officeworks has opened their first store in Asia. They were founded in 1979 and are headquartered in Sydney.

The revenue from the electronics sales, home office furniture, and devices will be at least $2.8 billion.

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Target has lots of competition and is one of the biggest retailers in the United States. While Walmart is the largest, Amazon is right behind for the same reasons.

Walmart, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, and Sam’s Club are competing with each other by offering more products at less expensive prices, and by offering discounts and discounts on discounts.

So this new online business which is expanding so rapidly, a store within a store that they call it, it’s going to be interesting to see how it develops.

Last year, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s stores started competing with Target and offering more high-end merchandise, so they’re competitors to Target.

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