11 Biggest Sam’s Club Competitors (full Guide)

Because Sam’s Club has locations throughout the United States, it’s able to offer members a variety of discounts on different items.

If you’re wondering which companies compete with Sam’s Club and if you’re interested in them, you’re in the right place! I’ve researched the matter in-depth, so you don’t have to!

Sam’s Club Competitors In 2022

The top Sam’s Club competitor would be Costco because they have similar products in bulk and with less of a selection, but the other competitor would be BJ’s wholesale which is another wholesale retail chain where you can buy almost anything in bulk.

It’s time to compare Sam’s Club’s competitors to make sure you’re getting the best possible price when you buy bulk in bulk.

1. Costco

Costco is the biggest rival to Sam’s Club since it’s a wholesale club where you can become a member and shop at a discount.

Costco also has nearly identical products in its stores.

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Costco is the world’s largest retailer, and the U.S. store is the largest by sales. They have 571 locations. With more than $122 billion in revenue in 2020 alone, the company is considered to be the most successful retailer in the world.

2. BJ’s Wholesale

At BJ’s Wholesale, you’ll find electronics such as flat screen TVs. They also offer toys, pet products, household items, food, and everything in between.

The BJ’s Wholesale store does not have quite as much stock and variety as the Sam’s Club store. However, they are cheaper than Sam’s Club on average.
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It is a rival for Sam’s Club. The main difference is Sam’s Club has more locations throughout the country and it’s much bigger than Costco.

3. Target

It is a competing store because they have an enormous selection of products in the general category of electronics, toys, clothing, and lawn and garden.

Furthermore, he also has a wide selection of products and items, which gives Sam’s Club a good run for its money because Walmart goes after the same customers.

It is said that Target has been one of the biggest companies in the US market in eCommerce. Many people have said that Target competes with Amazon.com. However, some say that Target competes with Walmart.

4. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is considered a competitor to Sam’s Club and is a distributor of home improvement and household items. Lowe’s has a wide variety of lawn and garden products. Lowe’s sells supplies such as fertilizers, insecticides, weed control, mowers, sprinklers, and garden tools. Lowe’s also sells lighting fixtures, paint, lumber, and other home improvement supplies. Lowe’s has many other home improvement products such as power saws, air compressors, outdoor grills, air filters, vacuum cleaners, and trash compactors.

The Lowe’s Home Improvement Organization, the company’s trade group, had revenues of $21.51 billion in 2018, according to the latest IRS records.

5. Rakuten

Rakuten is a website that sells electronics and other things online. It competes with Sam’s Club in those categories.

Although, the company offers a huge variety of items to buy online, it also has products for the Asian market and even has a location in Japan.

Rakuten is a Japanese eCommerce company that was named the world’s leading eCommerce company by IBM.


Ikea is like Costco. It is a warehouse store. I would say that you could get a lot of home and office supplies here. There are many things you might want to buy over there.

There are many products at IKEA that are cheaper than comparable products from other mainstream manufacturers.

Ikea only has 50 stores in the US, and they made $4.7 billion in sales during 2020.

7. Sears

Sears is a national retailer that sells clothes, toys, mattresses, home furnishing, kitchen products, tools, and much more.

Sears competes with Sam’s Club in the grocery department and offers reasonable prices that help generate a 2020 revenue of $3.26 billion.

Although Sears has struggled the past decade, they still have 553 stores left in the United States.

8. Aldi

Although more upscale, Sam’s Club is one of the largest warehouse clubs in the country, and it has more of a selection than Aldi.

If you include sales in Canada and Mexico and the United Kingdom, you’re looking at over $20 billion in revenue.

9. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

If there’s a good deal on the housewares at your favorite store, I recommend checking out Ollie’s Bargain Outlet because it carries a large variety of products, including housewares, groceries, rugs, books, and more!

Yeah, they still have to deal with some of their membership benefits, which is a lot of the store itself. Their member benefits are better. If you want free shipping on all your Amazon stuff, Sam’s Club can’t do that. They’ve got to use their own trucking fleet.

Oliver’s Bargain Outlet made one billion ninety-nine thousand eight hundred and nine dollars in net sales from its 430 United States locations in 2020.

10. Office Depot

There is a business which owns and operates a chain of retail stores that sells office supplies and electronics.

You can find lots of home office supplies, including printers, computers, tablets, home security systems, office furniture, and more at Office Depot.

The Office Depot is a company with 1,089 offices, and in 2020, they generate $9.7 billion.

11. Radio Shack

Radio Shack makes all sorts of electronic devices and office supplies. Sam’s Club sells electronics, office supplies, and appliances.

In the electronics department there are a variety of things available including computers, televisions, headphones, and equipment needed to run all of your household electronics.

Besides, Radio Shack’s revenue is around $20 million, which isn’t bad considering there are only 400 stores left of this once leading electronic retailer.

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Sam’s Club was sued in 2016 by Costco over alleged trademark and copyright infringement claims. The two retailers are similar in that they both sell “fresh” food in their stores at low prices.

Costco is a membership-only store that only sells merchandise, and the bulk store sells at prices much lower than normal.

Although Sam’s Club has the best retail price point among Sam’s Club and BJ’s, and Ollie’s has the best selection of goods, there are plenty of other stores that compete with Sam’s Club.

The stores mentioned above are competitors to Sam’s Club because they carry a multitude of products at reasonable prices.

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