Does Sam’s Club Do Eye Exams? (price, Locations, Types + More)

Sam’s Club has more services than a traditional drug store. They can provide prescriptions, sell cars, and serve as an optometrist’s office.

You may be asking yourself what type of eye care services does Sam’s Club provide. Well, Sam’s Club has an extensive Optical Center inside most locations across the country. So, you may be wondering about what kinds of eye care services they provide.

Here is a list of what I learned about Sam’s Club’s eye examination services.

Does Sam’s Club Do Eye Exams In 2022?

An eye exam can cost upwards of $50-100 depending on where you go. Once you’ve had the exam, you can pick out your lenses and, if you’re a Sam’s Club member, pick up a frame or two. If you don’t have a Sam’s member discount, you can always shop lenses, frames, and contact lenses online.

You can see more details about eye exam scheduling and other optical services available to non-members by continuing reading this page.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

Because they work for Sam’s Club and are part of their Optical Center program, the prices vary depending on where you live.

However, there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of eye exams. You can also schedule your eye exams for a date that is less likely to be busy such as off-peak hours.

to find out how expensive an eye exam will be, call your local Sam’s Club Optical Center for specific details.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Get An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

For most of the services Sam’s Club has conveniently located in their stores, you have to have an account with Sam’s Club to have access.

Eye exams are not covered under the membership benefits. You must purchase your own eye exam and many of them are now more effective and cheaper than ever before, such as the Topcon retinal camera, which retails for less than $100.

But, to order any eyewear accessories like frames or contact solutions, the customer must be a member.

According to the eye doctors that work at Sam’s Club, the cost of a membership costs more than the savings you will have access to on frames and lenses.

What Kinds Of Tests Does A Sam’s Club Eye Exam Include?

Visiting an optometrist at the Sam’s Club means that you’re likely going to be getting an eye exam that covers nearly all the eye tests that an ophthalmologist covers in a comprehensive eye exam.

The eye doctor will check whether the eye is healthy and will do an eye exam to find out if the eye can be healed. To heal an eye that is not healthy, the doctor may perform a procedure to correct the problem.

After the eye exam is complete, you may be informed if there are any changes to your prescription and recommendations as to what glasses or contacts to buy.

How Do You Schedule An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

To call a doctor and schedule an appointment with a doctor at Sam’s Club, you must do so over the phone. To look up the contact information for your local Sam’s Club, use the store locator on the website.

You will need to fill in your Club membership information, and then you can talk to the sales representative who will give you an optical recommendation and take your prescription.

Most people will want to pick up a few supplies, like contact lenses or lenses for sunglasses, but they can usually get it all done at the Optical Center in just a few minutes.

Can You Buy Glasses Online At Sam’s Club?

You may have an urgent need to purchase eyeglasses as you do not have an eye exam or current prescription.

You can buy frames online that we send directly to your front door and in-store you can get them at the frame counter.

Plus, for orders over $45, Walmart will deliver them for free.

Does Sam’s Club Take Insurance To Cover Eye Exams?

Sam’s Club accepts almost all insurances, however, not all insurances cover eye tests.

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change and may vary by location. Sam’s Club
may offer special prices and/or promotions at this location which are
not available online. Sam’s Club reserves the right to approve or
decline any offers.

Is There A Warranty On Contact Lenses At Sam’s Club?

If something goes wrong with your eyewear, we’ll fix or replace it, period.

If you’ve paid for the frame, you can return it for a refund or exchange.

We’ll cover all shipping and return costs, including the cost of shipping the replacement product.

Since Sam’s Club will exchange unopened boxes of contact lenses if your prescription changes, people will have to bring their old boxes with them to get a replacement.

If you purchased your contact lenses at, or at any SamsClub store in the U.S. and are concerned about whether they can be replaced, please contact LensCrafters Vision Care Customer Service at 800-631-7495 to confirm. Please allow 4-5 weeks for processing.

When Sam’s Club sells an item, they do not issue a refund if the item is damaged or if the item is opened or missing packaging.

Are The Eye Doctors At The Optical Centers Employed By Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has no affiliation with any doctor and doctors can choose which optical centers they want to work for.

A typical retail store doesn’t have the same bargaining power as Sam’s Club, and often, have to give discounts to entice people in.

Sam’s Club Optical Centers may give discounts for members of Sam’s Club as well as the other Sam’s Club brands.

Where Else Can You Get An Eye Exam?

Sam’s Club has a variety of optical centers that perform eye exams and sell eyewear for a very affordable price.

University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.
University of New Mexico School of Optometry.
University of New Mexico School of Optometry College of Optometry
Cleveland Clinic.
University of California San Francisco.
University of California Los Angeles.
University of Southern California.
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
University of Southern California.

Although you don’t have to be a member to get your eyes examined, this only applies to contact lenses or to purchase frames.

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the entire world and has a membership fee of zero, so you can get your eye exam done and buy glasses all at the same location without paying the membership fee.

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Sam’s Club offers standard eye exams and other eye care services, in addition to a wide selection of high quality eyewear, to members as well as non-members, at an affordable cost.

But only people who are already members of Sam’s Club can purchase frames, contact lenses, and other eye care products at Sam’s Club.

There are two types of eye exams offered at Walmart or Target. The first is a complete eye exam which includes the type of eye exam that you want to get done. The second is a vision screening which consists of taking a series of vision tests and is suitable for children.

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