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You can also save when you shop at SAM’S CLUB(r). The warehouse retailer offers incredibly low prices on some of your favorite products, as well as eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and other eye care items.

Well, you have a few options when it comes to getting eye exams. You can visit an optometrist, or you can use the center’s eye exam kiosk, or you can make an appointment through our kiosk.

This is the guide that will help you know everything about Sam’s club optical centers!

Sam’s Club Optical In 2022

While other eye health providers charge an average of $61 without insurance, Sam’s Club optical centers provide eye exams for an average price of $61, including insurance. Eye exams performed in other eye centers are a standard eye exam. Sam’s Club optical centers are only available to members, but visitors can access the optical centers so they can purchase eye care products.

To know more about the tests performed during an eye exam and if you can use vision insurance, I recommend reading further!

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost At Sam’s Club?

The cost of a standard eye exam varies by type of eye exam and insurance coverage, ranging from about $20 to $100 and over.

It seems that the cost of the exam is at its cheapest price when you pay for it yourself. However, a Sam’s Club eye exam is $100 to $200.

The average price of a Sams eye exam is $61 which is significantly lower than the average overall price compared to other private eye care offices, which average $128 for an eye exam.

If you have vision insurance, it should cover your cost of an eye exam. In addition, the cost of other factors like dilation and lens fitting will affect your eye exam cost.

The best way to know what the price of an eye exam is at your local Sam’s Club, is to call the local warehouse.

What Is Included In A Sam’s Club Eye Exam?

Sam’s Club optical centers have optical centers that are identical to those you would find at a routine eye clinic.

vision, color, near and far, and depth perception.

If you have a record of past ophthalmic exams and you notice vision in your right eye has dropped, or you find yourself having difficulty reading or driving at night, you should visit your primary care physician or an ophthalmologist to evaluate your vision.

If you need glasses for distance you need to know what that is and your doctor can look that up for you.

The optometrist will inform you soon after your eye exam has been completed if there are any changes to your prescription.

What Kinds Of Eye Care Products Does Sam’s Club Offer?

You can get all the same items you can get at an eye doctor’s office.

For example, the primary eye care products that Sam’s Club sells include: eye exams, eye drops, ointments, and an eye mask, as well as sunglasses and safety glasses.

Prescription lens orders are currently being processed and you will be contacted when they are available to ship.

When you buy frames at Sam’s Club, the eye doctor performs your eye exam and helps you select the correct frames for you.

I will need to know your prescription and order your contacts to our labs so they can work on your new lenses.

After waiting for you to pick up your new glasses, your contact lenses are shipped to your house or available for pickup, depending on your preference.

While Sam’s Club can be an excellent place to buy clothes from a variety of brands, it is not your only option.

The eyeglass holders sold at Sam’s Club is available in several different designs and usually come in packs of 4, so you can have a few on hand.

And while Sam’s Club does not offer a price match guarantee on its reading glasses, they do offer a free reading glasses refund guarantee. This guarantee states that if you are not happy with the quality or fit of your reading glasses, you’ll receive a full refund minus a $10 return fee.

As you can see, an original sentence is missing a word.

If you spend a considerable amount of time outside, wearing sunglasses is an easy way to protect your eye health.

Of course there are many types of sunglasses. Some are more expensive than others. But you should always check the prices for your sunglasses before you buy them.

They’re insured by vision insurance, in that some of the sunglasses are covered by the insurance policy.

This article states that most of the sunglasses available at Sam’s Club are eligible for delivery.

Having eye glasses is important, and Sam’s Club helps you get them at a price that won’t break the bank.

As Sam’s Club is a Plus-level membership club, this is a great service for people who are not interested in regular store shopping, but are interested in products that are sold in Sam’s Club.

The price is $4 extra per contact, but Costco shoppers can also save by getting multiple packs for $6 a piece, instead of $14 per pack!

There is a contact solution that is part of the instant savings catalog, allowing you to save even more money on eye care products.

What Brands Of Eye Products Does Sam’s Club Optical Sell?

Although a lot of people love Sam’s Club, they have not had good luck getting their orders for contact lenses there. We hope that changes with our eye exams program.

“At Sam’s Club, you can shop for brand-name eyecare eyewear, including eye glass frames, lens tinting, prescription lenses, and more. Our eye care professionals help guide you on the right frame or frame style and design and can help ensure that you have a pair of glasses that is right for you.”.

Does Sam’s Club’s Optical Center Accept Insurance?

If you have vision insurance, it will likely cover your eye exams and prescription glasses. Some stores, like Sam’s Club, don’t accept all kinds of insurance.

 If your vision insurance does not cover eye exams, make sure to ask your eye doctor what your best course of action is.

Unfortunately, when I entered my vision insurance plan in the Sam’s Club website, I couldn’t figure out if it would pay for my eye care.

Most Sam’s Club locations accept an array of popular vision insurance policies. They also usually sell a lot of pet products, and will try to sell you one of their pet insurance plans.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Access Sam’s Club’s Optical Center?

It is well-know that to shop for products in-store at Sam’s Club, a membership is required, and that membership can be purchased at any given time.
So this is a great example of an adverbial modifier.

In order to access the optical centers, there needs to be a membership in Sam’s Club.

Because the Sam’s Club eye doctors work independently, they have the same rates for exams and other services. Whether you are a member or not.

If you would like to purchase eyewear, contact lens or any eye care products from the Sam’s Club you have to be a member.

How Do You Schedule An Eye Exam At Sam’s Club?

If you have not already done so, you can get a copy of your referral form at the eye doctor’s office or the eye doctor himself or herself will be able to print one out for you. Either way, you will get it within a few days of scheduling your appointment.

So when you make an appointment at any Sam’s Club, call the number listed for the optometrist at your club.

The most important aspect in evaluating a store is the quality of the products that you can find there. A store located near the optical center will have great products since they are already a customer at the optical center.

However, there are certain stores that are located within the Sam’s Club store, like the Optical department. However, if you are a member, you have the ability to purchase products like eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and more from them.

When Is The Sam’s Club Optical Center Open?

You can usually find the optical center in a Sam’s Club store during regular store hours. The hours may vary based on club, however.

If you are looking for the hours of operation for the local Sam’s Club, do not hesitate to contact the store. Or, use the store locator to find out when the store is open.

Where Else Can You Get An Eye Exam?

There are a few cheap eye exams that are comparable in quality to a Sam’s Club eye exam. One great option is CVS. I found a deal on CVS to give away a pair of glasses with an eye exam at over 10% off. The next best option is Walgreens. They also offer an eye exam for 20% off if you buy a new pair of glasses when you get an eye exam.

Another nice feature about getting an eye exam at Walmart or Target is that they do not charge a membership fee.

I have my eye exams at Sam’s Club, and you can go to any eye doctor in the country.

Costco is a membership based warehouse store with great prices and good customer service. I think it is an economical choice for those on a budget.

Is Sam’s Club optical benefits for employees?

Do Sam’s club optical benefits cover prescription eyeglasses?

If your job or company does not offer optical benefits, the next place you can go to purchase frames is your local optical store.

If you are purchasing glasses at Sam’s Club, you can also purchase contact lens supplies and/or frames there.


Optical centers are often associated with discount stores. However, the workers at Sam’s Club optical centers aren’t a part of any company and are independent contractors who work alone. This gives them more freedom to work and a lower hourly rate.

While Sam’s Club doesn’t provide its own vision services, it does sell prescription glasses, contacts, eye care supplements, and sunglasses that members and nonmembers of Sam’s Club can access.

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