Walmart Vision Center Prices (glasses, Exams, Frames, Contacts + More)

Walmart super center is also known as Walmart Neighborhood Market which is located in different parts of the world like US, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

You can expect that your visit to a Walmart vision center should be affordable. This means you’ll need to budget for it, but you won’t need to budget thousands!

If you want to know what are Walmart vision center prices, you need to do some research. You can find more information here on this page.

Walmart Vision Center Prices

Wal-Mart vision centers can cost about $75. Most people won’t need lenses. If they do, they can cost up to $200. They’re also available at your neighborhood optometrist, or you can get them through your insurance plan.

 So what do you want to know about Walmart Vision Care Center? Well, we’ve got that covered. Below, you’ll find all the important information you need, including which vision tests cost how much, what’s included in your price, what you can expect to pay for frames and lenses and even whether Walmart accepts different types of insurance. Take a look!

How Much Does Walmart Charge For A Vision Test?

Walmart is known for being the one-stop shop for electronics and home and kitchen products. But, if that is not enough for you, they also offer vision care for individuals and families.

Private practices can charge hundreds for a basic check-up, but at Walmart, they’re only about $75 (though that base price can vary based on where you are located). If you’re interested in getting an appointment for a basic check-up, you can always use Walmart’s online scheduling portal, which has a built-in search function that lets you input your address and the number of people in your family.

The Krazy Koupon Lady says that Target tends to be a little bit cheaper, but if you’re really pinching pennies, Walmart will likely be the cheaper option.

There is a small exception to this though: If you wear contact, you will have to get a special vision exam that is more expensive.

This is the eye exam that determines the refractive status of your eyes, and it also tells you whether or not you suffer from astigmatism. The cost is around the $20-$25 range.

You can also contact a proctor directly if you are not sure if your situation is covered. In my situation I was under the impression it was covered.

So if you do happen to have vision insurance, chances are your appointments may be much cheaper. But, if you don’t have vision insurance, chances are your appointments may not be free.

How Much Do Glasses Cost At Walmart?

A pair of glasses consists of two different items. The frame is the stuff that goes between your ears, and the lenses are the stuff behind your eyes.

They are each sold separately, and each sold separately.

Walmart is a budget-friendly company that sells good quality frames and lenses.

For a really big budget, try visiting their web site and searching for a “special frame”. They have a “special frame” that costs more than $200, but they also have cheaper frames that cost less than $20.

If you’re in the market for designer frames, you’ll want to hit up some of these designer frame shops: Marc Jacobs, Ray-Ban, Miu Miu, and Vera Wang.

If I can’t afford to buy any new frames, I want to sell the ones that I now have.

You can get a high end designer frame for less than $200.

Most lenses that can be purchased are free with frames. Frames typically cost an average of about $300.

The most expensive lenses are those that help you see better at night, while the most basic are tints that help you see better in the day. You can save a lot of money by choosing lenses that are cheaper.

Transition lenses are an extra option for those with glasses or contacts.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are basically a lens with multiple lenses, one is for distance viewing (far vision) and the other is for near viewing (near vision).

This is a great bit of optical technology. It starts around $110 at Walmart.

There will be a few hundred thousand Euros’ worth of Nikon lenses that will not sell anymore.

A few months later, we discovered that the lenses were made in China. And the lenses are so good, we found that we actually like the plastic on them. And we think they look better, actually, than some of the lenses we had been getting at Walmart.
The lenses were actually made by Essilor, which is like a hundred times more expensive than what Walmart sells.

I would try to find a private eye doctor who charges $1 and see if the difference is worth it.

How Much Are Contacts At Walmart?

It can be difficult to keep an eye on your eyes for things like dry eyes, because it takes time for the symptoms to show.

You will have to pay to ensure that you get your eye exam with contact lenses with as little delay as possible.

And if you have an order already, you can also order them online. Go to, fill out the form, and you will receive your contact lenses in a short time.

Walmart offers cheap prices on contact lenses from a variety of brands that are normally sold at higher prices at 1800 Contacts.

So if you ever feel like purchasing a contact lens that’s a bit more expensive than most of your contacts, you should check out Walmart.

You can get that same lens for $53.80 at 1800-Contacts, and $67.99 at Walmart Contacts. But only the 1800-Contacts version comes with an extended lifetime warranty.

I bought a nice black pair of Contacts from Walmart, but they just weren’t any good, and are completely gone now.

You could only use this to help cover the cost of contacts that you would buy at a pharmacy.

However, if you go into your local Walmart Vision Center and have your appointment covered by insurance, ask the technician if they have the order and if not, can they bill your insurance?
The problem with vision insurance is that it doesn’t cover your eyes anymore and you can’t see the order. Also, if you go to the doctor’s office, the doctor will not bill your insurance.

What Vision Insurance Plans Does Walmart Take?

Walmart makes health care affordable and accessible to everyone, but if you have insurance, you can have cheap appointments.

You can find information on all Walmart insurance options on and on your phone using “MyWalmart”.

If you don’t have any of these items, give your local Walmart Vision Center a call and ask what they accept.

Does Walmart Vision Accept Medicaid?

Walmart Vision accepts insurance for eye exams if you are a member of the Walmart Vision Health program.

If you are going to be out of the house for a day or two on a business trip, call your doctor to make sure he doesn’t have any appointments he needs to cancel for you.

If you want to know more information about Walmart services, you can also read our related posts about Walmart Vision Center’s return policy, if Walmart repairs glasses, and how long does it take to get glasses from Walmart.

My eyes are just now beginning to adjust to daylight, and I can’t see a thing.


Walmart Vision, like LensCrafters has a great selection of top-quality prescription lenses. And there is no annual vision exam or membership fee.

Exams start at $73, though the price increases slightly if you are a contacts wearer.

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