Does Walmart Repair Glasses? [price, Frames, Lenses, + More!]

At Walmart, you can find a wide range of clothes, hygiene, jewelry and eyeglass, so you will always have a good opportunity to shop.

Walmart repair services are located in the optical department of Walmart.
You can find them in the optical department in the store where you bought your glasses.
You can’t find the services at the optical department in your local Walmart store.

Does Walmart Repair Glasses In 2022?

To order your glasses repair at Walmart, you will need to bring your broken glasses in-store at the nearest Walmart Vision Center. You will need to bring your broken glasses accompanied by an order form, which is usually a part of the receipt you received when you were making an in-store purchase.

You may have dropped your glasses, hit the side of a store, or had them on when a child ran around and knocked them off of your face. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to know how to properly clean them.

First, you will need to wash your glasses thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and any oil.

What Kind of Damage Can Walmart Repair?

The eyeglasses repair service at the Walmart Vision Center is able to repair a small number of eyeglasses in no time at all.

I’ve had my eye glasses for a few years now and since this weekend they’ve been getting progressively worse.
I’ve worn them in the sun a few times and now they are completely white…
My vision is significantly worse and I have a very annoying glare that makes it hard to work or even read clearly.
The frames are completely white and I see it in every eye glass store I went to.

However, Walmart will have no problem with some repairs on a higher end of the spectrum such as fixing a scratch on a lens, or replacing a lens of a camera with higher end lenses, but Walmart will only do so for $15 for the first hour, $35 for the second hour, then $50 for additional hours.

The frame under warranty will be fixed or replaced for free even if your glasses were not purchased from any of the above stores at any time.

How Long Does it Take Walmart to Repair Glasses?

If you need the lens replaced, this may take much longer, depending on the type of glass and the number of lens pieces.

Since the lenses are so thin, and the way glass is made, it’s very easy to get a new frame – whether it’s just a cheapo pair of sunglasses, or a really expensive frame – the lenses are so thin, and the frame is much thicker, that it’s almost impossible to get the frame out of a scratched lens.

If you look online then you’ll be seeing lots of different information and prices. Some prices are more expensive than others and some information is inaccurate. If you want to get the right information then give your local Walmart Vision Center a call to enquire about your specific glasses repair needs.

Use the Store Locator on Walmart’s website to select your closest store (and the one with the best prices on all of your essentials). The store’s opening hours, as well as details about the most convenient pickup time for your order, will also appear.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Glasses at Walmart?

Walmart is actually offering quite a bit of savings on the glasses repair services. When a customer orders a pair of glasses, they may want to have it checked out at the same time.

Walmart does not usually charge for minor repairs. In the scenario where a minor repair is required, the shopper may need to pay for the part in one of two ways: either they will pay for the part they need straight-up and ask for a credit/refund after the repair or they will pay for the part they need and have the repair authorized by calling customer service.

If your lenses from a previous pair of glasses are broken or scratched, you will be able to get your new lenses reframed at the Walmart Vision Center.

If you change the prices to something more reasonable in Canada (like $13.99), you would probably have more success increasing your sales.

What Are Other Options for Glasses Repair?

You have a couple of options for getting your glasses repaired and back to use if you choose not to take advantage of Walmart’s Vision Center and glasses repair service.
[ Original ]: You have a couple of options for getting your glasses repaired and back to use if you choose not to take advantage of Walmart’s Vision Center and glasses repair service.

Walmart has various eyeglasses repair kits available, so you can fix your glasses yourself if you need to. These kits typically include everything you need to fix a broken or scratched lens.

Another way of getting your glasses repaired is taking it to an optician or eye doctor.

The price of glasses will vary depending on where you live and in what area of the city you need glasses repaired.

Walmart also offers a recycling program for used frames. If you are planning on throwing out your frame(s), there are ways of recycling them into new frames.

If you need to get watch links removed, watch batteries replaced, or any other issues fixed with your Watch, you can go to our site to find guides on how to replace them.

If you want to learn more about optical technology, check out our blog series on lenses and then our series on the 3D effect.


A Walmart rep said that the company does have a vision center and can repair glasses for its customers. The amount of time as well as cost of the glasses repair depends on their size.

As well as, if customers want their eyeglasses repaired, they can bring their own prescription glasses, rather than having to make special arrangements to get Walmart glasses done.

If the frame is too broken to repair, just come into the store, and have them re-frame the lens for a low fee. Walmart is making it easier than ever to keep your glasses in perfect shape!

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