Will Costco Put Lenses In My Frames? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon got their start in the mail order business because they offered the most options, regardless of what the customers were looking for.

When it comes to eye glasses and contacts, Costco doesn’t just have regular optometrist services – it also offers prescription and non-prescription contact lenses. You can buy lenses for all the popular brands at Costco.

Will Costco Put Lenses in My Frames In 2022?

Costco is going to put lenses in your frames at its Costco Optical locations starting in 2022. There are currently more than 500 Costco Optical locations, all of which can put lenses in your frames. At Costco Optical, you can buy frames and have associates install lenses in them using your prescription.

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Will Costco Put Lenses in My Own Frames?

You don’t always have to buy frames from Costco to get lenses put in. If you go to Costco Optical with your own frames, the staff can put your lenses in, but only if you pay to have them do it.

It’s up to a staff member of the store to make sure that only original glasses will be accepted.

Will Costco Put New Lenses in My Old Frames?

This is a common misconception and it’s completely untrue. We didn’t even sell new lenses when I worked at Costco (and I’m an optical engineer!). Even the store employees that put lenses in glasses didn’t have much experience with them.

If you take your glasses to a Costco for lenses, you may be turned away, as old frames are likely to fall apart and have the lens fall out.

If the traffic lights were set to turn red, instead of green, at intersections, then people would get hit.

As far as liability issues are concerned, if there are no records of the employee handling an old frame, that employee would be protected.

If your lenses are fitted and you buy frames with a design that’s no longer common that may break down, you may spend longer than usual to get frames to fit your lenses and may even get it wrong.

We are aware that there have been a few reports that some Costco employees are not putting lenses in customers’ frames, and is encouraging them to pick up new ones. Customers may be asked to bring in the old frames and we will take a look at them to see if they can be repaired and re-framed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Lenses in Frames at Costco?

When you’re getting prescription eyewear at Costco Optical, it costs about $184.

To be fair to Amazon, they’ll usually give you a $20 to $40 discount before fees on the shipping, so there’s little reason to pay full shipping for the cheapest option. Also, if you get your Prime membership, then shipping within the United States is free, at least for the first 5 pounds you ship.

Does Costco Just Replace Lenses?

Opti-Cal lenses are made by a third party so they are not the same as the Costco brand.
The Costco brand also offers products like photochromics, photochromic lenses, and polarized lenses.

There may be other differences with other brands, so you’ll have to check with Costco and their manufacturer.

Are Costco Eyeglass Lenses Good?

We could tell from what we could find from ordinary customers that Costco eyeglass lenses are average in quality. But, Costco eyeglass lens quality isn’t terrible.

One Reddit thread on the quality of Costco eyeglass lenses features reports from customers who said they had to keep working on their lenses until they got it right.
“The quality may be lacking, but the price is right,” read the caption.

If you have extra time and you don’t need it right away, go to Costco and get yourself some additional lenses.

*It is important to note that the price for a bottle of lenses is higher or identical to that of regular eyeglasses.

Does Costco Offer Contact Lens Fitting?

The Reddit poster added that Costco was also considered the one stop shop when it comes to getting contacts.

It is not known whether Costco sells the other brands of contact lenses.

to be able to get contact lens fittings at Costco, have to be on the mailing list and schedule by going to the locator page, which finds the closest Costco in your area that carries contact lenses.

Costco optical is one of the few optical stores that can provide a detailed quote online, and that makes it easy to save on your eyewear.


Costco will put lenses in your frame if the lenses are still in good condition and aren’t too old. And if Costco sells the frames, they might or might not put lenses in your frame.

You have to put lenses in frames using a special tool called a threader. You can get it for around $50 from retail stores like Costco. It costs almost $100 because its very specific.

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