Chick-fil-a Buffalo Sauce (taste, Ingredients, Can You Buy It + More)

I don’t think that many people have their stomach for something which is just plain. The buffalo sauce really was born to be applied on food and then be eaten as a bonus.

I always wanted to visit the famous Chick-fil-A restaurant but was not able to. I was told about its delicious but spicy chicken and the sauce on top of the bread. We finally visited the restaurant and sampled the chicken. It was good. It tasted good, but the spicy taste was a bit too much for us to handle. I would have preferred the sauce to be more on the mild side.

What Is Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Sauce In 2022?

Zesty is the only sauce Chick-fil-A sells at its restaurants.
The heat comes from the red cayenne pepper and is tempered by a delicate balance of zesty vinegar and salt.
You can buy Zesty Buffalo sauce at Chick-fil-A or participating retail stores.

If you want to know how Chick-fil-A tastes, what it is made of, where you can get it, and what it best goes with, the answer is Buffalo sauce!

What Is The Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Sauce? 

The chicken sandwich with chicken, cheese, buffalo sauce, and red onions is the Zesty Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

The Zesty Buffalo sauce is believed to have been invented and named for the kitchen of Teresa Bellisimo where leftover chicken wings are cooked.

The sauce was an instant hit when McDonald’s started selling chicken wings and KFC soon followed suit.

Now, let’s compare it to the original sauce, which has a strong spicy profile.
This is the original “Buffalo” sauce, which I’m using on the chicken wings.
The next sauce is the Zesty Buffalo sauce.
The difference you can clearly see is the use of the lemony tang of the citrus and the added kick of the hot sauce.
The difference in the final product is much greater.

What Is The Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Sauce Made Of?

The buffalo base can be made from any combination of meat, bone, and dairy. It can be smoked, smoked-and-grilled, or grilled only. It can be served with or without the meat. It can include onions and/or peppers and/or green onion and/or jalapenos and/or bell peppers and/or celery and/or garlic. And it can be flavored with just about any spices, herbs, or seasonings.

Also the vinegar is to provide a bit of tang and the Worcestershire adds a little bit of saltiness.

Additionally, Chick-fil-A uses water, distilled vinegar, thickening agents, egg yolk, whey protein, and flavoring in their sauces. In short, their sauces are made with natural ingredients.

What Other Spicy Sauces Can I Get From Chick-Fil-A?

Chicken nuggets are a part of the menu, but you can get dipping sauces for chicken, and even nuggets in sauce.

Texas Pete was invented in 1936, and can be found in the chili con carne family in different forms.

But this has a whopping 1,500,000 Scoville units, a whopping 747 on the Scoville scale, hotter than Frank’s sauce, an essential ingredient in the original buffalo sauce.

The sauce that is sold in stores as the Original Sriracha is hotter than even that of Texas Pete, which has a rating of 3,000.

The chicken sandwich has its own sauce to taste, but it is a chicken sauce with different types of peppers, with a red cayenne pepper sauce.

As the heat from the peppers is balanced by the vinegar and sugar, the sweetness from the sriracha sauce brings out the flavor of the cayenne pepper without overpowering it.

What Can I Eat With My Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Sauce?

The buffalo is for those who enjoy a hot sauce and will fit in wherever the buffalo sauce fits in.

These can be substituted for any other type of food or even other non-alcoholic drinks.

If you really want to make your food spicy and you’re willing to use spicy Buffalo sauce, you can add a little bit of hot sauce to the sauce.

The sliced jalapenos are great as a salad dressing. You can also add the salsa as a salad dressing.

Does The Chick-Fil-A Buffalo Sauce Have Any Benefits To The Body?

Chick-fil-A uses buffalo sauce, which is good for you, but you can’t eat all the sauce.

For example, buffalo sauce contains whey protein as a thickening agent. However, this thickening agent’s concentrated protein is a good nutrient source for the body.
For example, peanut butter has peanuts and other nutritious seeds.

It helps to reduce the risk of bladder cancer and esophageal cancer and also helps to prevent blood clots.

Because your food will burn a hole through your stomach.

Sauce contains less than 1/2 cup of fat, no cholesterol and less than 1/2 tsp. of sodium.

The nutritional data is based on the average serving size, which is about 1 tablespoon or 19 g of product.

The sauce contains eggs and milk derivatives. However, it doesn’t contain any milk or dairy products so it should be fine for most people. However, if you are allergic to milk or dairy products, you shouldn’t consume them.

Does Chick-Fil-A Sell Its Buffalo Sauce?

Customers can make reservations or order via the Chick-fil-A app. And they can pick up their food at the drive-through.

That said, the sauce is sold in packets and in eight-ounce tubs at the restaurant. Some locations have higher prices for the sauce, but none include an additional surcharge for the sauce.

It’s not clear how consumers can make this work, because if you put a bottle on a plate, it won’t look nearly as big as on paper.

You can also learn more on why do we love Chick-Fil-A, what does Chick-fil-A sauce taste like, and what does the Chick-fil-A culture taste like.


Zesty Buffalo sauce is a very spiced sauce that is served with all of the foods including the chicken sandwiches.

Also, it helps prevent weight gains and is suitable for the heart because it may contain anti-oxidants effective against 40 types of cancer.

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