Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks? (all You Need To Know)

 Sam’s club is an organization of thousands of employees and hundreds of millions of members.

Because Sam’s Club accepts payment methods like American Express and Visa, you may be wondering if they also accept checks. Look no further, because we have all the information you need to know!

Does Sam’s Club Accept Checks In 2022?  

Every Sam’s Club location accepts personal checks as a valid form of payment as of 2021. Additionally, Sam’s Club
sells personalized checks for $10-$35, depending on the design and security protection. Checks from Sam’s Club are delivered in 5-12 business days.

You can find more information below as to how to buy checks at Sam’s Club, and you can be sure that you’ll still be able to use the cash register for purchases as well.

Can You Order Checks At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is a warehouse style membership club. Sam’s Club only accepts checks with a payable through date.

Shop at Walmart for a wide range of personal items and for your home. From the grocery aisle to the electronics store, you’ll find lots of quality, reasonably priced options.

The delivery fee depends on the design you choose for the checks. They charge between $10 and $35 per box.

Single checks at Sam’s Club cost around $20 and include 240 checks, while duplicate checks cost a few dollars more and includes 165 checks.

The high-security checks are the most popular type of checks for consumers to purchase from Sam’s Club. The checks come with coverage from FraudArmour.

Since Sam’s Club is a business, it’s only natural that they would have sales and promotions.

How Do You Order Checks From Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has a new online store called It features a wide array of check designs.

We found that you can place personal and business checks online. The site then prompts you to select a design and the number of checks you want.

After that, proceed to the checkout to ship and to enter your shipping and billing information along with the information to be printed on your checks.

This is very important to know if you order from Sam’s Club. Also when ordering, be sure to request the shipping and billing information match.

If you typed in a different bank than the one you usually use, it may delay processing. And if the information you provided doesn’t match your bank information, it will delay processing. It’s better to double-check!

How Long Does It Take For Sam’s Club To Deliver Your Checks?

When you place an order for personalized checks through Sam’s Club, you may be wondering how long you can plan on waiting for your new checks to arrive. You may need to buy personalized checks for more than one day, and you may have to wait up to two to three weeks for your new checks to arrive. It’s important to plan in advance to get the most out of your personalized checks.

Standard business checks take about 10-12 business days to reach your door, while secure checks take 8-8.5 business days to be delivered.

For orders placed by personal checks or with the “second-day delivery” feature, the standard delivery is the same as personal checks, which is 10-12 business days. However, business orders also have the option for second-day delivery.

To receive your order within 2 working days, it is suggested to be placed within 24 hours of ordering.

What Other Payment Methods Does Sam’s Club Accept?

In-store methods of payment are cash, checks or all charge card payments (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).

In addition, if you’d like to learn more, you can check out our related guide on whether or not Sam’s Club takes EBT, if Sam’s Cub accepts Google Pay, and if Sam’s Club takes Apple Pay.


Sam’s Club accepts checks to pay for items in-store at all locations. Those who wish to do so may purchase from Sam’s Club online.

The reason being that the paper check will still be the standard means for the payment.
In addition, the same website provides secure online access to your bank account to avoid the risk of the check being stolen or compromised.

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