Does Kroger Cash Personal Checks? (No, But…)

People without bank accounts can cash personal checks to get cash. This is a great option if you don’t have an ATM or need to cash a check outside of bank hours.

Kroger grocery stores, like most supermarkets in America, allow customers to cash a variety of checks. Before you go to Kroger to cash your check there are important things that you should know about their cashing policy.

Is it possible for the store to cash personal checks? This article contains all the information you need.

Are Kroger Cash Personal Cheques available?

Kroger does not cash personal checks. It does however allow you to cash the following types of checks:

  • Employer paychecks: These are payments made to employees by employers for services, mainly as wages or salaries.
  • Government checks: This includes Temporary Assistance for the Needy Families and Social Security benefits.
  • Refund checks from IRS – There are income tax refund check.
  • Settlement checks from Insurance: These insurance settlement checks are performed in response to a claim made by an insurance company
  • These checks are issued by businesses. These checks may contain refunds, payments made to businesses for services rendered, research study payments and blood and plasma payments.
  • Cashier’s checks are checks that a bank issues for a specific amount of what you have in the account or how much cash you have in your hand.
  • Traveler’s checks are issued to tourists or travellers who are going on vacation. The amount you have in your bank account or cash available will determine the amount of the traveller’s cheque.
  • Money orders: These types of checks can be purchased at a bank or post office.

It is important that you note that Kroger doesn’t cash starter checks or third-party checks.

How to Cash a Check at Kroger

Any of the above-listed checks can be cashed at any Kroger near you. To cash your check, follow these steps:

Is Kroger accepting personal checks for payments?

Kroger accepts personal cheques for in-house purchase. Personal checks are not accepted at Kroger for delivery or grocery pick-up.

Kroger will ask you to present a state-issued ID. You can also bring a driver’s licence or non-driver ID.

Kroger Check Cashing Hours

Kroger’s check cashing services offer flexibility in terms of their operating hours. This is one of the main benefits. Kroger’s cashier services are available seven days a week, and are open from 8.00 am until 9.00 pm every day.

If you’re committed to another place, this will not result in you being locked out at night.

What are the charges for check cashing at Kroger?

Check cashing is easy at Kroger. Check cashing at Kroger is affordable. It charges $3.50 for checks under $2000, and $6 for checks between $2.000.01- $5,000.

The fees for cashing a check with a Kroger shopper card are $0.50 lower. Additionally, you may be subject to local or state taxes.

Maximum limit for cashing a Kroger check

Kroger only accepts checks less than $5,000 in cash. The limit can vary from one state to the next. Before you go to Kroger to cash your check, make sure you verify the limit in your particular state.

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Kroger stores will not accept personal checks. Kroger will accept other types of checks, which you can cash at a convenience store near you.

There may be a limit on the amount of cash that can be used to cash a check and additional fees.

To inquire about the fees at the store you are interested in, you can use Kroger’s store locator.

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