Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? And Other Money Center Questions

Do you prefer to run all your errands in one place? With Walmart Money Centers, they make it possible to get your shopping done and handle personal business in a convenient way!

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

Walmart will cash pre-printed personal checks at a maximum value of $5,000. They do have a $4 fee that is applied when cashing checks under $1,000, and an $8 fee for checks ranging from $1,001 to $5,000.

What Should You Know about Walmart Money Centers

These fees are simply deducted from the amount you wish to cash, making the transaction simplified for you.

Money Centers can vary by location, so it is best to call ahead of time to ensure your check is acceptable to be cashed there. It is also worth mentioning that these services are not offered in New York or New Jersey locations.

Two-party personal checks are also accepted. However, they have a limit of just $200.

What are the Steps to Cashing my Check?

Bring the physical check that is made out to you, as well as a valid government-issued ID card or passport.

Next, choose how you would like to receive your funds. You can choose to receive them in cash, otherwise Walmart provides a MoneyCard for an additional $1 that your money can be loaded onto. The reload fee is waived if you reload the card via check cashing.

So, if you utilize their services on a regular basis, you will only pay the $1 fee on your first transaction.

What Other Types of Checks Can Be Cashed?

Walmart also offers cashing of:

Business checks
Payroll checks
Government checks
Insurance Settlement checks
Retirement disbursement checks
Tax refund checks
Some Walmart locations will increase their maximum check amount during tax season to accommodate its customers.
Pre-printed checks
Cashier’s checks
401(k) or retirement checks
Two-party personal checks
Up to $200
Out-of-state checks

What Exceptions Should I Be Made Aware of?

While Walmart Money Centers are very accommodating, they do have restrictions in what can be cashed. Walmart cannot accept personal checks that are made out to cash, expired checks, post-dated, or checks that are more than 180 days old.

They will also not accept starter checks, savings bond checks, hand-written checks, or checks that seem to be altered.

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