Can I Cash A Post Dated Check At Walmart? [guide]

Buy a list of items for $100.00
Go to cash machine
Fill out the form for a check
Go home and forget about it.

If you visit Walmart for even a moment, you will surely notice that cash is not the primary mode of payment there! That’s because you can also use other modes of payment like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and others!

Can I Cash A Post Dated Check At Walmart In 2021? 

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart does not cash post-dated checks. However, Wal-Mart will cash pre-printed checks that are not post-dated, including payroll, government, tax refund, and cashiers’ checks. Customers can cash post-dated checks at most banks, credit unions, and check cashing stores.

If you are wondering, you can get more information about Walmart cashing post-dated checks, and what to do after Walmart refuses to process your check, read on!

 What Type of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

A Walmart-branded check.
A check from a Walmart-accepted personal checking account.
A check from a personal savings account where the full amount on deposit may be available for withdrawal.

If you want to save lot of effort and time, you can also visit and find what is the best method of cashing your pre-printed check.

Why Does Walmart Not Cash Post-dated Checks? 

Walmart will process these post-dated checks after the current check cycle ends to protect the customer’s account from a check processing error.

Typically, a check is processed to authorize a withdrawal or an electronic transfer of funds. The check is presented for payment to the check guarantee fund and the guarantee fund is used to cover the amount that is not available in the account.

If this payment was not possible, then Walmart will be annoyed and may suffer a loss of a business relationship with this merchant.

When a business accepts a business check that is post-dated, they are allowing the merchant to use the funds that are in the drawer when the check is written (usually the 1st of the month).

Where Can You Get Post-Dated Checks Cashed?

If you want to have the check cashed before the check clears the bank.

How Can You Cash A Post-Dated Check?

To cash a post-dated check, you should visit any nearby bank, credit union, or check cashing store – preferably from the list given above – with a valid government-issued photo ID.

Depending on the bank, you may be required to provide a copy of the check (for example for proof of account ownership) or may accept a copy of a debit card, e-check or credit card (in which case the bank may charge you a convenience fee for providing the information).

You can deposit the check when you get paid, as long as there are sufficient funds in your account, but check in at a bank as soon as you can is always best.

Therefore, it is important that the customer provides the bank with the exact date of the check at the time of deposit so that the bank can process the check on the same day.

If Walmart cashes two-party, payroll, starter, social security, and Wells Fargo checks, you have the option of searching a database of all items that have been reported stolen.


If you write a check that you don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover, you could be sending your business into a financial bind.

However, Walmart accepts a variety of pre-printed checks (that are not post-dated) including payroll, government, and cashiers’ checks. To cash a post-dated check, you can visit any nearby bank, credit union or check cashing store.

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