Does Walmart Cash Efs Checks? [simply Explained] 

EFS is a widely used system to pay for the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

There is no official policy stating that Walmart will not cash EFS checks, but some branches have stopped cashing them.

Does Walmart Cash EFS Checks In 2022?

Walmart does not cash pre-printed payroll or government checks. But, Walmart does cash EFS (Electronic Funds Transfer) checks at a nearby truck stop merchant or locally. Walmart does not cash EFS checks at any Walmart store or money center as of 2022.

To get more information about what Walmart does with your EFS check, keep on reading!

Where Can I Cash My EFS Check Near Me?

You can cash an EFS check at a bank or credit union. There is an EFS account that is only available for checking and savings. However, you can only deposit an EFS check at a bank or credit union.

– Travelers Choice Truck Stop
– Texaco Truck Stop & Country Store
– Pilot Flying J Truck Stop
– I-10 West Truck Stop

You can also find a pay phone in the truck stop and call the
**1-800-TRAVELERS hotline** to check the status of your EFS.

Can You Cash An EFS Check At A Bank?

Checks are easy to cash at your local bank, even if you do not have an account there (and most places don’t), and you can cash them with an ATM card like any other check.

However, you will have to take the EFS check to your local bank’s branch for verification and approval then return to the ATM for money withdrawal.

You don’t need ID when you have a new credit report on file. You can still use it to request, but you don’t have to present it.

What Is The Fee For Cashing EFS Checks?

EFS checks are usually a very convenient, and sometimes free, solution for getting cash when you have a truck driving job.

For example, Love’s Travel Stops will charge 3% of the check’s value whereas Road Ranger will charge 3 for every 100.

The fee may be waived if you’ve purchased a minimum amount of fuel from the shop, or you’ve paid in full for the other maintenance services.

If you need help with any of these check types, please feel free to contact a customer service representative.


Walmart is unable to cash a check that is signed by the taxpayer, due to their money center check policies. However, they are able to cash a range of other checks, including tax refund checks and government checks.

To cash an EFS check, it is recommended that you visit a bank, or a local truck stop merchant. For any check cashing process, you will need to supply a valid government photo identification first so please remember to bring one with you. The money you receive will be in the amount of the EFS check.

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