Does Walmart Cash Third Party Checks? [all You Need To Know]

People find it difficult to get checks cashed in the current financial system.

Since Walmart has a lot of stores and is easily accessible, you could think: “If Walmart has a store near me, I can just go there and cash my check”. Let’s check the facts!

Does Walmart Cash Third Party Checks In 2022?

If you want to cash your Walmart checks, you can only do so through a bank or credit union. This means that you are going to have to pay a fee, present a valid photo identification, and in most cases, you won’t be able to do so without a new checking account.

Walmart does not accept third-party checks. You may only cash Walmart checks. This is because Walmart does not want to pay the fees that banks charge to cash checks and they do not want to be liable for the fees that banks charge when someone fraudulently brings a check in to a store.

Why Does Walmart Not Cash Third Party Checks?

When you use a third-party check you can only deposit it to a bank account or send it through the mail, and the original recipient is someone other than you.

This would be done by one person writing down the name of another person and getting the second person’s signature.

Of course fraud with checks goes up significantly, but the chances of fraud with these kinds of checks go up significantly once the check changes hands more than once.

Often, when people have the misfortune to obtain an “end-of-the-month” check, they write to the bank to ask that their financial institution stop payment on the check in order to “free up funds to make necessary deposits for the next month.” Most banks will honor this request.

Walmart accepts third-party checks, although it does not accept third-party checks at all of its stores.

Where Else Can You Get Third Party Checks Cashed?

Most banks and check-cashing businesses will give you a receipt if you ask them, but they will not accept a check from a third-party lender or merchant unless the check has bounced.

Note that some lenders will cash checks from third-party lenders or merchants and will not issue you a receipt. If they do this, it will not hurt your credit score but will hurt the credibility of the lender or merchant.

Here is a list of all the banks and credits you can visit if you have an official government-issued check that you can cash with the proper documentation.

How Can You Cash A Third Party Check?

To reduce fraud, banks have strict policies and rules regarding the cashing of third-party checks.

There are some exceptions for a small number of customers who do not have an ID or are unable to present a valid ID. Banks will do their best to accommodate your request, but you can expect some delays and longer lines.

If the third-party check contains no specific condition that authorizes the bank or cashing store to cash the check, then the bank or cashing store will deny this request.

You may want to contact the bank or store you are planning to visit in advance to find out about the official policy for cashing third-party checks.

Do You Have To Pay Any Fees For Cashing Third Party Checks?

Banks and many stores charge a fee for cashing checks. Third-party checks are often subject to a fee, and the fee is usually deducted from the third-party check. Third-party checks with a check-clearing account may be subject to no fee at all.

There are several fees for different accounts. Contact the institution to find out the fees it charges.

To learn more, you can also read about what time Walmart stops cashing checks, if Walmart accepts international checks, and if Walmart accepts saving bonds.

We’ve learned a lot about Walmart, but we’re still learning new things all the time. Here are even more facts about Walmart.


If someone wants to use a check to buy something from Walmart they must have the check cleared by the bank and they will have to have the check cashed by Walmart.
This is to protect both sides of the negotiation.

If you want checks, but don’t want to have your bank account tied up with the transaction, you might look into getting checks cashed at a Cashing Store. Cashing stores are a good way to go if you don’t want to be tied up with your transaction.

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