Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks? (Full Guide)

Written checks are usually easier to get processed on a financial institution’s computer system as compared to electronically printed checks.

Walmart does not accept hand written checks. Their cashiers have to go through an automated system to check every single check at the time the customer purchases them.

Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks In 2021?

While this may be the case, there’s also no guarantee they’ll be printed with your name and all the correct information. If you have a handwritten check that you want to cash in store, remember to bring your checkbook or have someone else with you to record the check, so that you know what information to provide when asked.

So if you want to know more about cashing handwritten checks and other stores you can also deposit them, then you should keep on reading!

Why Do Some Walmart Not Cash Handwritten Checks?

Walmart will not accept a check from a business account, even if it is handwritten. One of the primary reasons is that there is a higher risk that the check could be stolen, or the account will have insufficient funds. If it is in the customer’s handwriting and the balance is correct, then this is usually fine.

This may have created a problem for Walmart as they may be vulnerable to significant losses. Therefore, they have put in place a policy that only accepts pre-printed checks.

However, there is no concrete way to decline a handwritten check from a Walmart location.

Walmart is a very large company and you can check to be sure it is safe before going to their store.

Where Else Can You Cash Handwritten Checks?

Many businesses do not accept handwritten checks. You can get a money order instead. Many money order offices provide a service that allows you to fill out a money order and mail it to a business. Some places will even take the money order back to the store and mail the check for you.

If you have an account in a bank, go to your local branch and cash the handwritten check (or deposit the amount into your account).

If there’s no way to get an answer from the issuing bank, you could also just ask them to return the check or send a replacement check.

Here is a list of banks that will cash a handwritten check that has a bank name on it.

– Any of the check-cashing stores near the post office.
– Any of the check cashing stores near the bank.
– Any of the check cashing stores near the auto dealership.
– Any of the check-cashing stores near the pharmacy.
– Any of the check-cashing stores near the convenience store.
– Any of the check-cashing stores near the bank.
– Any of the check-cashing stores near the auto dealership.
– Any of the check-cashing stores near the pharmacy.

Before visiting any of these stores, banks, or credit unions it is best to contact them in advance and ask them about the requirements for cashing a handwritten check, and the fees they charge.

How Are Handwritten Checks Cashed?

If you try to cash a check made out to someone else or that was not written on an official piece of paper, you could be arrested.

Your information will be reviewed. Once your identity has been verified, the institution will process the handwritten check as it would process a normal pre-printed check.

If you need assistance contact the institution’s processing department.

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Do You Have To Pay Any Fees To Cash A Handwritten Check?

To verify that a check is a good payee, it is best to call the business and ask if the check was ever paid by them.

Bank charges between 1-2% of the amount of the checks that they receive.

Sometimes called check-cashing stores, these stores may or may not do actual check writing for customers. Instead, they charge a per-check fee along with a percentage of the total amount. These are generally more expensive than banks and credit unions.

For more information, you may also see the Walmart Policy on cashing comdata checks, third party checks, personal checks, and foreign checks.

You should not provide your personal bank account information to the merchant or to any other company to use to process the check.

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