Does Walmart Cash Comdata Checks? [full Guide]

You should ask your employer or fleet’s com data check provider to add your vehicle to the list of approved vehicles.

Walmart is a place for truck drivers to shop with ease. If you’re wondering if Walmart will cash Comdata checks, here is what I’ve found.

Does Walmart Cash Comdata Checks In 2022?

You cannot cash a Comdata check at Walmart stores. To get your tax refund via Comdata, you must use the Express Code option on your check. Once you get your refund via the Express Code, you can go to a local bank and cash the Comdata check. You cannot use the Express Code to get your refund directly at Walmart stores.

If you want to know how to cash Comdata checks, how to purchase a check, where you can cash them, and the fees you’ll pay if you cash them at a truck stop, keep on reading!

Where Can You Cash Comdata Checks?

 If you do not have a checking account, you will need to get cash at the truck stop cashier to be able to pay for your expenses.

For example, if you want to cashing a check, click on the “My Account” tab. Then, under the “Payments” section, click on “Cash a check”. Then, click on the “Other payment methods” tab. Now you should see your bank name, account number, and account type.

The Comdata store finder will help you find a Comdata store near you that will cash your Comdata checks.

You can use the Comdata store finder to locate stores, stops, and banks near you that will cash Comdata checks.

How Can You Cash Comdata Checks?

You’ll want to go to the local bank or even a credit union and present the check, or request the check, depending on the requirements of the bank or credit union.
They will have to verify that the check is legitimate and if there is a problem with the check, they will contact the company that printed the check. They will often ask for the company’s address and phone number.

To use Comdata you need to call them and ask for authorization to use the Express Code they have listed on the ComData check.

If you have an EOB card, you receive the EOB check and can deposit it in your bank account.

Do You Have To Pay Any Fees For Cashing Comdata Checks?

When you use a truck stop or bank for cashing a paycheck, you do not have to pay any fees.

In some cases, if you are not buying any fuel or paying for any repair (or other expense) through the money, you will be required to pay a processing fee for the check.

to learn more on the Walmart policy, you can see the Walmart policy on international checks, electronic funds transfers (EFS), and personal checks.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Cash Comdata Checks?

Comdata checks are not being accepted at Walmart. The easiest way to get your money from Walmart is to go to a bank or a truck stop like Flying J Travel Centers, Liberty Travel Plazas or Road Ranger.

To get your check cashed, first you will need to get authorized by Comdata to use the Express Code given on your check. Then the truck stop or bank will process your Comdata check like a normal check, without charging you any fees (unless you are not buying anything).

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