Does Walmart Cash International Checks? [full Guide]

International bank transfers are used to transfer money between countries, however when you cash these, it can be a bit tricky.

Walmart Money Center offers a variety of check-cashing services to make it easy for customers to save money and access cash quickly. But you may be wondering: does Walmart cash international checks? Here is what I found out.

Does Walmart Cash International Checks In 2022?

You can receive international bank transfers at the Walmart Global Bank. However, you must have an established account at the bank and your international bank account must have an address in the United States. If you choose this option, you cannot receive a check in the amount of $4,000 or under.

Walmart and other companies like them have been giving international checks to customers over the years because they felt that it would allow them to offer lower priced items to their customers.

Why Does Walmart Not Cash International Checks?

To cash international checks, you have to open an account with the issuing bank at the time of the check’s withdrawal. Because of the long wait and processing for the account to be opened, it is difficult to cash a check for several business days.

Walmart can either negotiate the international check or collect it directly from the bank in the country of origin.

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One way to try and lower the risk of fraud is to make a purchase online and then have the buyer use a valid credit card in another store.

Does Walmart Cash Canadian Checks?

If a customer of Walmart checks out and pays with their Canadian dollar, then at the check out machine the machine will ask the customer if he/she has a Canadian dollar, and it will give the customer a receipt for their Canadian dollar.

If the bank is based in the U.S., you can use the money to buy a gift card to a store in Canada or withdraw cash from ATM to buy goods in Canada.
However, if the bank is based in Canada, then you’ll need to pay for the gift card in Canada and withdraw the money in Canada.

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How Can You Get An International Check Cashed In The U.S.?

If you need to cash an international check, you can deposit the check at a U.S. bank and later withdraw the amount in U.S. currency. To do this, you may have to get permission from your bank in the country where the check was drawn.

When you are planning to withdraw money back to your bank account, you must have to wait for the bank transfer to go through first.

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Walmart will not cash international checks at any of its stores because of the excessively long waiting times that make it vulnerable to fraud. However, it will accept Canadian checks that are drawn on an American bank and are in U.S. dollars.

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