Can You Use Duct Tape On Usps Packages? (full Guide)

It is always a good idea to send anything by the USPS! USPS is reliable, it is a safer option, and it is a lot cheaper!

There are different types of tape that are allowed in the USPS. We’ll go over the different types of tape you can use.

Can You Ship A USPS Package With Duct Tape In 2022?

You can also find the approved packing tape at your local grocery store or other retail venue for around a dollar. Simply cut the tape to size and use it as you would any other tape, as long as you do not use it to close a package.

Duct Tape Does Not Make a Good USPS Mailbox

Duct tape should not used as a mailbox. It has a hard time keeping up with all of the USPS requirements. It can crack and break off. It can also pull a lot of moisture from the surrounding environment that can make your box and other items fragile.

Why Can’t You Use Duct Tape On USPS Packages?

Duct Tape is useful for many things, and it’s also useful for things such as fixing ducts and making makeshift shelters, but it doesn’t have the skills to fix your car like a mechanic.

In most cases, duct tape does not adhere well to cardboard leading to it being a poor choice for keeping packages closed and secure during transit. This would be true for almost any tape and many plastic seals. It is hard to seal a package properly without having some form of glue or plastic.

I’d think that duct tape wouldn’t be ideal but they need your items to arrive undamaged at their destination which is why it is on the list of prohibited materials.

Does USPS Have Free Tape?

As mentioned before, you have to pay for all the necessary shipping supplies which usually comes to a total of around 4-6 dollars.
But you will be relieved to know that most companies give some kind of discount if you place your order over $100.
Most of the companies also have free shipping for orders within the US.

If you don’t have a tape dispenser in your car or carry a small tape dispenser in your pocket then you’re going to have to pay to have a package mail sent overnight to your home.

The USPS does however, have a tape that you can purchase in case you want to be extra sure that the mailing has not gotten damaged in any way. This tape can be purchased directly from the USPS website.

What Kind Of Tape Does USPS Accept?

You might not want to write on your packing tape, because it’s what you will be removing when you unpack it.

If you are purchasing shipping supplies be sure to look for packaging tape that is approved for use. Some types of packing tapes are approved by companies, while other types of packing tapes are not approved by companies.

Tape is available at supermarkets and some grocery stores and you can order it online at your Postal Service or purchase it at your local post office.

Which Tape Is Best?

For normal boxes the best way to seal the box is to use clear packing tape. These tapes are designed to adhere to cardboard which makes it the obvious choice for making sure your package has a strong seal.

The safest way to pack it is to get really tight with your box so that nothing can get through.

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If you want to ship the box with packing and tape you can do that. But you might not need the packing tape. You might be able to use the duct tape to keep the box together until you get to your destination.

Shipping tape is a piece of paper with the USPS logo on it to cover postal tape that comes with your package.

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