Can I Mail Lotion With Usps? (all You Need To Know)

As the winter season approaches, we are inundated with skin care products promising healthier and more glowing skin.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, the United States Post Office is reducing shipments of liquids including lotions. It’s a no-brainer! A large majority of these liquids are shipped in dry packages, so you do not have to be at all worried, but you still should take some precautions.

Can I Mail Lotion with USPS In 2022?

There will be a limit to the amount of lotion that can be sent through USPS in 2020 in the form of a package. It must be in a sealed, waterproof container. It cannot be in a glass bottle or other breakable container and it cannot exceed 4 fluid ounces. It must be cushioned within a sealed container.

If you’re interested in learning more about mailing items using Postal Service mailboxes, read on to learn more about the shipping guidelines for lotion!

Can I Send Liquids in the Mail?

Liquid products are considered to be fragile and must be shipped in a dry ice or insulated container.
Liquid products that can freeze include lotions, liquid soaps, and other personal care items.
It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine if lotions, soaps, or other liquid products can freeze.
If you want to send lotions through USPS, you need to follow these general shipping requirements.

USPS allows customers to send liquid by air or ground, and also can send hazardous liquids without a hazmat permit.

If a liquid is not corrosive, flammable, or poisonous, you will not need to worry about the shipping as long as it’s liquid.

While not strictly required, you should also include a label with a warning that the package contains liquid. You should also list the product ingredients on the outside of the package.

When you are transporting liquids of more than 4 ounces, it is important to use an insulated container that has sealing tape on all of the openings.

Can You Ship Lotion in Priority Mail?

You can ship Lotions, soaps, shampoos, or other approved items through the United States Postal Service.

1. the name of the person who created it,
2. the year it was created,
3. the day and time it was created and,
4. the user’s name who created it.

USPS can be a great carrier for shipping liquid products without the costs and hassle of an oversized container, so it’s worth considering for the next shipment.

How Do You Send Lotion in the Mail?

Lotions should be sealed and should have either a screw-top, a clip, or be soldered shut to prevent leakage and reduce the risk of spilling.

Do not use a screw-top of your bottle unless it can be turned at least one and a half times.

Make sure you also test the bottle against overpressure before you ship.

The envelope container used by the current invention offers a superior package for holding mailpieces and for containing other materials commonly contained in a mailbox.

If transporting the items in glass containers, you must triple pack to reduce risks of breakage.

This means that the liquid will be absorbed by the bag, so you don’t have to worry about spillage or leakage in between uses.

The bundle should be enclosed in a sealed package or box that is not likely to be opened. This is to avoid any contaminants from entering the package or box or leaving the package or box.

The USPS recommends that your package be shipped using a Priority Mail box, a Flat Rate box, or a box made out of corrugated cardboard if it’s being shipped to a location with a high rate of damage.

If you are receiving milk from an outside source, the postal service recommends wrapping the bottles in several layers of plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

It is best to keep packaging materials separate and separate from the dry goods.

I recommend including an external label stating that your package contains approved liquids.

Does It Cost More to Ship Liquids with USPS?

Shipping costs are not increased if you order lotions or liquids.

Can You Send Lotion in the Mail Internationally with USPS?

– We cannot ship lotion that contains ingredients not allowed by the country.
– We cannot ship a product to another country without a permit from that country’s authorities.

We do recommend you check out the U.S. Postal Service’s Individual Country Listings page to see if your destination country has any liquid restrictions.

If you are shipping to Canada or Puerto Rico, you may be subject to Canadian/U.S. Customs laws.

For shipments to other countries, you should be very careful when handling and packaging the item due to the risk of spillage and breakage.

If you send a package by USPS, the USPS will ship a package to your home address within a few days.


Lotion is made of a safe, non-toxic liquid in a plastic container, so the only thing you need to worry about before packing and shipping is that container. No matter what shipping service you choose, you won’t get charged any more because you’re sending liquids.

It’s important to use a safe bottle and packaging when shipping your beer. Be sure you ship within a padded envelope or box, and use a box that seals tightly so the contents do not leak!

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