Shipping Frozen Food Usps (can You, Methods + Faqs)

Whether you are an Ice Cream shop specializing in Popsicles, or just want to share the newest ice cream flavor you mixed up, then you need to know how to ship a frozen food through the mail.

Frozen foods are always a safe option for you to ship. However, you will not have the luxury of being able to control the temperature of your shipment to maintain the best possible quality.

Does USPS Ship Frozen Food In 2022?

In addition to keeping goods frozen, making sure your item is properly packaged is important. For instance, shipping a box containing a frozen gel pack won’t work, because the cold packs will melt and leak when the box isn’t frozen. Other items, such as bread or frozen meals, may not be so vulnerable to leakage, but even if they’re not, any liquids may leak, causing spoilage.

If you want to avoid sending melty ice cream or liquid popsicles, then be sure to read our guide about how to ship frozen food with USPS!

You’re sending the wrong kind of order.

How Does Shipping Frozen Food with USPS Work?

If you want to know what you can sell, you can see what’s in stock and what’s not. If you want to know what you should buy, you can try to predict customer demand based on past sales.

This is not true. I have been shipping to Russia for over 5 years now and shipped tons of produce over to Russia, fresh as well.

Also, you’ll want to do your research before buying products and shipping frozen items. For example, if you’re shipping frozen blueberries, make sure you select the correct shipping method so that you’re shipping them safely, as well as quickly.

It’s important to package your items well as USPS could hold you liable for damages to other mail if your package has a leak.

Customers may find that some areas of the country, like Florida, Hawaii, and California, have restrictions related to mailing produce.

If you are mailing frozen fruit or vegetables, be sure to label and package them properly. Also, be sure to include your full shipping address when shipping to these states.

Frozen foods need to go to the freezer ASAP so you will need to place them in the freezer ASAP, before placing dry ice on top of the food, make sure you can’t see light shine though the ice.

Dry ice can be used to provide freshness for the product, but the packaging must be sealed tightly to prevent the product from turning into a solid during shipment.

Your job is to provide a service or set of services
Your business should be based on repeat transactions
You are not directly involved in sales, unless you’re a wholesaler or retailer.

If you have any question or concerns about shipping with dry ice, go to the USPS website.

How Do You Send Frozen Food Through USPS?

Now that you’re an expert on shipping, you’ll probably want to know the best methods for shipping your baked goods.

You should consider which is best for your food. Dry ice is best for frozen items and gel packs are best for liquids.

Dry ice is really good for keeping your food cold, but it makes a freezer smell weird.

By using our heatseal, you get an added layer of protection on your package that lasts longer than anything you can find in a freezer.

Gel packs are good for keeping foods cold, or keeping foods at a temperature that is not frozen. They are better because they are more flexible, and there is no ice or cold to melt.

It’s important to pay attention and keep a watchful eye on your package. Take extra precautions when you package, otherwise your package will end up soaked.

You want to freeze your package as quickly and as completely as possible.
Use a thick cardboard box and a big styrofoam cooler block.

Next, choose your cooler. The post office does not recommend using the cheap Styrofoam coolers because they are fragile and may not work properly for shipping.

This is for dry ice. And, keep in mind that the lid might be thicker and not designed for dry ice. You might end up with a crack and your dry ice will spill out.

This is because thick cardboard boxes are more expensive, they weigh more, and they are harder to seal.

Depending on the type of container and what you are storing, make sure that it is leak proof but not air tight.

To solve this problem, the engineers at the University of Colorado came up with what they call an inertial-free pendulum.

Because an airtight container could make the pressure of the gas greater, an explosion might occur.

If you’ve already got some liners, use them for the inside. Wrap the whole thing in heavy duty plastic sheeting and wrap it up in another layer of sheeting to protect the plastic from the weather.

You should be able to find container options at most home improvement centers, hardware stores, and warehouse stores.

To make sure that the items in your cooler are fully frozen, make sure to place them in a waterproof plastic bag or container.

You should finish your project with your desired cooling agent.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Frozen Food Through USPS?

I found frozen food is very cheap because of the international delivery.

Although shipping distance, price, and package weight can be important, they don’t always determine the actual price of a product.

If you want to know more about whether or not the USPS sends text messages, check out our post here.


The safest way of shipping food across the US is to have it refrigerated. Make sure you buy the best packaging material to keep your food cool and safe.
Do not send food that has been frozen, unless it is in the container that it was frozen in.
It is important to be aware that the US postal system has a lot of regulations which can mean that your food will arrive in an undamaged state.

Make sure to buy a container that is strong enough to hold the weight of the contents and also has the capacity to keep ice inside as well. Remember to get a shipping option that has the best chance of getting your package to its destination on time.

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