Walmart Furniture Return Policy (assembled, Damaged, No Receipt + More)

If you enjoy shopping, it’s a great place to find the best deals on furniture. If you’re looking for furniture, Walmart is the place to shop. Visit the store’s website and check out their great furniture selection.

Walmart’s furniture return policy is pretty straightforward. You may sell, donate, or trade the item. However, you must return the item within 30 days of purchase.

Walmart’s return policy is quite complicated and you should know about it before even thinking about returning your furniture. If you are returning for the first time, you need to send all the items to the service centre.

Walmart Furniture Return Policy In 2022

You do not need a receipt to return furniture but must bring a government ID if you do not have one. You can use the original packaging, which you receive with your purchase. You can return items within 90 days of purchase, although they must be undamaged and unassembled.

If you are looking to return furniture, click the return shipping label and follow the instructions.
If necessary, you can also contact a customer service representative and ask them to send you a refund through your Walmart account.

How Long Do You Have To Return Furniture From Walmart?

Although it’s hard to find a good return policy on Amazon, Walmart is very lenient.

In this case, you can return this item within 90 days of the purchase date. The deadline is typically 3/8/2019, however, the 90 day period may be extended due to your request for a refund.

Additionally, you have 90 days to exchange your purchased furniture. This 90-day policy applies to purchases made either online or in-store at Walmart.

The only way you can get your refund in-store is if you return your item to the location where you bought the item. If you purchased your item off of or by mail/courier, you will need to contact the individual item supplier.

Do You Need A Receipt To Return Furniture At Walmart?

You do not need a receipt to return furniture at Walmart, if you are returning furniture.

You should have your receipt, but if not, the return process goes a lot smoother. When you have a receipt, Walmart will refund you the amount of your original payment.

Here’s how it works: If you pay with a debit card, your purchase amount is refunded back onto the card. However, if you pay with cash, Walmart will either give you cash back or a Walmart gift card to use towards your purchase.

If you are returning furniture, you need to show a valid ID when you return to the store.

Please note, however, that you are only eligible for a refund without a receipt if the furniture has been delivered to your home within 30 days of the date you placed your order.

For items that cost over $25 and you do not have a receipt, you can exchange the item or receive store credit at Walmart.

If a supervisor feels as if customers are abusing the return policy, they can deny any returns.

Can You Return Opened Furniture At Walmart?

Even if you buy furniture you want to buy from another country, you can still return it.

The original purchaser is eligible to receive a refund if he or she purchased the item from a Walmart location.

If you’re shopping for Walmart furniture online, you have more options than if you’re shopping for a piece of furniture at

Can You Return Assembled Furniture From Walmart?

The only way to return furniture that is already assembled is to bring it to a Walmart store.

Please note that if you assemble the furniture and later wish to return the product, you have to take it apart.

You should always check what the furniture came with just to make sure you have everything you need.

Walmart even refuses to refund you or exchange your furniture for the case where one of the pieces of furniture you returned was missing.

Can You Return Furniture From Walmart Through The Mail?

If you buy furniture online from Walmart, there are 2 different options to return the product.

You can contact a contact center by using this link or by phone via 1-866-999-9998 or 1-888-297-4100.

The same applies to online purchases from for in-store purchases, as with in-store purchases from

You can purchase online furniture and return it through the mail.

If you did not make the original purchase, you can purchase a return label through Walmart. You will have to pay for it separately, but Walmart offers a $5.00 return shipping label for all orders.

You will have to include the original receipt, packing slip, and any other pertinent information with the returned package.

Over sized furniture cannot be moved to your home without special shipping arrangements. Please contact your local Walmart to discuss your options.

The item you have selected is likely to be one of which you have to pay for the return shipping.

Are There Exceptions To Walmart’s Furniture Return Policy?

Although furniture is considered a big purchase for most people, Walmart’s return policy is pretty flexible. One exception to this policy is Walmart’s return policy concerning mattresses.

Purchasing an online or in-store mattress, it must be in its original and unopened packaging to complete a valid return.

Walmart says you can return a product that’s purchased from a third-party seller like Amazon, but you won’t get a full refund.

Most Marketplace sellers don’t accept returns or exchanges, so you need to contact the seller directly to see if they accept returns or exchanges.

Can You Return Damaged Furniture At Walmart?

So it’s like you need to make sure that the product is in its original state before you purchase it. It’s also important to check the original packaging.

You can return it to the store but you will have to pay a restocking fee and it will take them longer to process the return.

\[…\] but if you break the furniture, you can not make a return.

How Does Walmart Refund A Furniture Purchase?

Walmart simplifies the process of returning the furniture. You receive your refund from the original source of payment you used to buy the piece of furniture.

If you pay with Credit Card, you will be able to get your refund within 14 days.

If you originally paid with a credit card, but can not use the same card to make a return, do not worry; Walmart will still refund your money.

Instead of returning the money onto your credit card, Walmart will give you a gift card for the same amount to reimburse your purchases.

For debit card purchases, Walmart refunds your money either back onto the original card or in cash or with a Walmart gift card for the amount of your purchase.

For credit card purchases, when they issue a refund, they charge the credit card of the original purchaser (you).

Finally, for furniture purchases made with a gift card, you can either get a new one from Walmart or restore the purchase amount back onto your original card.

If we have taken too much time to return your purchase, our customer service department will contact by phone or email.

What Kind Of Furniture Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart makes decorating your new apartment or a specific room easy and affordable by offering a great selection of furniture that is available in various sizes and styles.

The furniture retailer offers a wide range of furniture styles and colors.

Walmart is an affordable store to own and maintain. You can get items that are designed to last, you can spend time decorating your space, and you will be able to add an updated look to your living space without having to spend a small fortune.

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If you exchange your products, you will have to pay the difference between the new and old item’s prices.

Additionally, your money is refunded in cash, onto your debit or credit card, and with a gift card.

You are going to need to use the parts that came with your piece of furniture to return it to Walmart.

But if you buy an item online and it arrives damaged, Walmart accepts returns.

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