Amazon Furniture Return Policy (Furniture Types, Used, Damaged, Time Frames + More)

Those who use the platform have a big collection of furniture to choose from. They will find every kind of furniture, such as accent chairs, couches, table and chair sets, bureaus and so on.

What is Amazon’s return policy for furniture?

If a customer purchases a piece of furniture from Amazon, he or she must be willing to accept it or return it. Amazon’s return policy for furniture is outlined on its website.

Amazon takes a “no questions asked” return policy on all items that are sold.

Amazon Furniture Return Policy In 2022

Amazon’s warranty policy states that it will take up to 30 days to accept returns of couches, chairs, and other furniture items but that customers must contact the furniture manufacturer to obtain warranty-related information for damaged or defective items.

Amazon doesn’t accept returns for furniture items.
Furniture items are eligible for returns after 45 days.
Items returned for a refund must be in their original packaging, with the box and accessories.

How Do I  Return Furniture to Amazon?

Return the item back to the location you received it from. The return process is the same as shipping the item. Once you return the item, it is in Amazon’s possession.

Can I Return Used Furniture to Amazon?

Furniture you buy from Amazon can be returned if it’s defective, if you’re not satisfied with the product, or if the company changes their return policy.

Therefore, customers must return furniture to us as new or in good condition. We will not accept a return after 30 days of the receipt of the item.

If you buy furniture that you deem damaged, you can return it. However, products that have been heavily used and damaged aren’t accepted at the returns center.

Amazon will continue to charge a restocking fee if the furniture has been used for a long period of time and a high percentage of the items are broken (for example, a couch that is used as a bed for over a year). It’s also very likely Amazon will charge a restocking fee if the damaged furniture is severely worn or dirty.

Since Amazon is a trusted online store, it is possible for customers to ask a customer service representative about whether they are able to return their items by providing detailed information about the state of their items.

Some customers may be advised to refrain from damaging their furniture while processing a return for their items.

Can I Return Furniture to Amazon Without the Original Packaging?

If you want to return your furniture to Amazon, you must first use the shipping boxes that Amazon originally shipped the furniture in.

In addition, if a customer wants to return his furniture without the original packaging, he won’t have the option.

Therefore, consumers are recommended to keep their furniture packaging until the 30 day return window has passed, if they have to process a return for the furniture that they have purchased.

Customers must ensure that the original packaging and documents are included when they obtain the original furniture.

Can I Return Furniture from Amazon to Kohl’s?

Customers will be able to bring their purchased furniture inside Kohls and the store will then arrange the items to be delivered to them.

You should be able to return items from a Kohl’s store. [Kohl’s] stores will do the processing for returns.

Return the merchandise to Kohl’s within 30 days after the purchase date or bring the item to any Kohl’s store for an exchange.

Customers can save a lot of time and effort when they receive their order from Kohl’s, as it is already labeled and packed.

This means that you can just bring your own bags, no more plastic bags! If you need additional bags, you can always stop in and pick up an additional box of bags.

While this is the case, larger furniture such as beds and dressers may be easier to package for Kohl’s delivery, so customers are urged to use their discretion on how much pre-shipment work they need to do for their individual pieces.

Can I Return All Types of Furniture to Amazon?

Amazon has their standard return policy in which most items purchased can be returned but some cannot. This may be because the item is too large to be shipped, or cannot be disassembled.

Because of the long lead time required to obtain a refund of a return, customers are encouraged to make the return request directly with the customer service team.

Do I Have to Return Furniture to Amazon to Get a Refund?

They should first try to get the item replaced or refunded. If they can’t get a refund or replacement, they should ask the retailer if they can exchange for another item or dispose of it themselves.

Customers can request a non-return refund if their furniture is damaged or defective. It means that you can request a free return if you don’t like the furniture that you ordered.

To receive a free return, please request a return authorization number from your local store within 30 days after the return is received, and then return your furniture to the store.

If you need support, you can always call Amazon customer service. However, you should contact them in order to confirm whether or not it is necessary to return your furniture before they will issue a refund.

You can find out more about Amazon’s return policy by reading our posts on Amazon’s return policy, Amazon returns no longer accepted, and Amazon’s return policy after 30 days.


Amazon allows customers to return furniture they’ve ordered for any reason, as long as customers return it within 30 days of first receiving their package in the mail. The company also allows any reason for returns, including dissatisfaction with the product or service.

You can return your furniture to Amazon in several ways. If you return a purchase from a Kohl’s department store, please follow the return instructions on the return packing slip you received with your order. If you return from your home or office, please use the return packaging provided.

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