Kohl’s Jewelry Return Policy (necklaces, Rings, No Box, Worn + More)

The company also offers a wide variety of high-end jewelry for both men and women, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Well, if you’re not satisfied with a jewelry item you bought from Kohl’s, I have searched around online, so here is everything I’ve found out about Kohl’s jewelry return policy!

Kohl’s Jewelry Return Policy In 2022

This means that Kohl’s will let customers exchange jewelry for a store credit for the full amount, plus the original shipping fee. Items are eligible for return or exchange if they’ve been worn for 180 days.

To learn more about how to make jewelry returns at Kohl’s, how to make a jewelry return via mail, and how to exchange jewelry items, continue reading!

Can I Return Kohl’s Jewelry Without The Box?

The return policy is pretty standard for Kohl’s. Kohl’s will accept returns without the original packaging so long as the goods are not completely broken or have other damage.

This means that a customer can still return an item, even if the box was opened or damaged.

The second clause, when a “replacement” is required, is a bit more complex. A “replacement”, in this context, is a different product (whether from the same or another store) that is acceptable as an alternative, for the purpose of obtaining a credit.

It’s better to make sure you don’t return items that you received with a sales receipt to Kohl’s.

Can I Return Jewelry To Kohl’s Without The Receipt?

This does NOT mean if you lose your receipt, you can still take something from Kohl’s.

If you used your own credit/debit card, you should bring the same card that you used at the time of purchase to return your order.

You may be able to find someone at a store close to you that may be able to track you and offer you a full refund or replacement.

If the store card cannot be linked to your purchase, they can call you phone number on your card.

Can I Return Worn Kohl’s Jewelry?

If you return a slightly used/worn jewelry, Kohl’s doesn’t care and accepts it. However if the piece of jewelry appears to be overly damaged, Kohl’s has the right to reject the return.

Please be aware that the jewelry in which you made a purchase is not eligible for return. If you are unsure if the piece is eligible for return, please contact customer service for assistance.

Can I Return Wedding Rings To Kohl’s?

It’s totally possible to drop $50 on your favorite ring and get it back in exchange for another ring.

To view all features and specifications of all rings at Kohl’s, you can shop your favorite ring by using the product finder in the right sidebar of the screen.

Can I Return Necklaces To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will no longer be charging any charges for return shipping or the cost of a new bracelet or necklace.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the 180-day returns window, Kohl’s will happily process the return.

Can I Exchange A Ring From Kohl’s If It’s The Wrong Size?

You will be able to exchange a custom ring if you find one that is not what you want.

For example, to convert $100 in dollars, you can choose to pay $110 in bitcoin, or you can choose to pay $110 in dollars. Each of these methods would result in an equivalent amount of bitcoin.

The ring sold at Kohl’s is only designed for women, so if your ring is a different size, you will have to order the replacement ring online.

You don’t have to ask them to send it out to be resized, they can do it themselves as well at no extra cost.

Can I Return Jewelry Ordered Online To Kohl’s?

While all Kohls stores are open today, the Kohl’s store located at 7500 Westheimer is closed.

You can get a full refund if you provide a copy of the invoice that was on the original order.

There is a $25.00 fee for shipping the items back (which equals the value of the order at the time you submitted the refund), plus the $5.00 in-store credit you received.

Can I Return Jewelry From Kohls.com By Mail?

In case you want to return jewelry from Kohls.com by mail, you can follow a simple process.

* Kohl’s will have the item shipped to their address in Bloomingdale so that staff can inspect it. When the item is ready, Kohl’s will send you a shipping label that you’ll fill out and drop off at a mailbox or mail room.

If you want to include the shipping cost as a part of the refund, customers can take a screenshot of their original receipt and submit it to refunds@kohls.com. The email will be replied within 7-10 days with instructions for submitting the refund.

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Conclusion: Kohl’s Jewelry Return Policy

Kohl’s will process returns of any jewelry items purchased from the store within 180 days of purchase. If you need to exchange a custom-sized ring, you may have to order and then have the new ring shipped to you.

Rings and necklaces that are returned in-store can be exchanged for a store credit (except when purchased online with PayPal or through a Kohl’s location).

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