Kohl’s Exchange Policy (all You Need To Know)

Major retail stores have different policies regarding their return and exchange policies. Some stores are very flexible, while others are quite restrictive.
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The first thing you’ll need to know is the Kohl’s exchange policy. If you’re looking to exchange an item you bought at Kohl’s, you’ll need to first visit their website to review the store’s rules and policies.

Kohl’s Exchange Policy In 2022

In 2022, Kohl’s exchange policy allows customers to exchange clothes, jewelry, makeup, or any other item within 180 days of purchase as of 2022. Customers should visit a Kohl’s store to process the exchange, and bring along a receipt (not essential), and all original packaging and accessories.

When you make your online order, you can choose whether to pay by credit card or check/money order. The credit card form doesn’t do anything different then the cashier form. The difference is that the form will automatically be charged to your credit card so don’t be afraid!

Can I Exchange An Item at Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

This isn’t true at all. Kohl’s does not require a receipt or exchange to be processed.

If you cannot find a receipt, Kohl’s staff can search your purchase history, and then return your item to you without further inconvenience.

Can I Do An Even Exchange At Kohl’s?

Exchanges will be granted even if a customer has a receipt or gift receipt for the clothing or accessories that are being traded.

However, if the customer does not have the receipt, the only option is for them to exchange it via a refund on merchandise credit.

I was recently looking for a gift for my mother, and I came across this awesome sweater. A little disappointed in the size it was on the site, I was able to exchange it for another size, and I was happy with the process!

Can I Exchange Worn Clothes At Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will allow customers to exchange clothes that have been slightly worn as long as the customer has owned it for at least 8 weeks.

Kohl’s stores have a return policy which states that if you want Kohl’s to issue a new receipt for the clothing and you don’t want to keep the old purchase receipt, you have to mail it in within 30 days of purchase.

Can I Exchange Resized Rings At Kohl’s?

Customers are encouraged to return any rings that were purchased and later resized by Kohl’s.

I was told that the rings are custom made and you will need to send in the old ring you want to exchange to the Kohl’s store location in your area.

In a similar fashion, most jeweler outlets only sell the traditional ring sizes of 4-10.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy rings online, I encourage you to give Kohl’s a try.

Can I Make An Exchange At Kohl’s Without Tags?

Kohl’s does not allow customers to exchange any clothing, jewelry, makeup, or other items without original tags.

As long as Kohl’s is able to locate the original purchase, the product in question is being exchanged, and the replacement meets the terms of this warranty, there will generally be no issue.

That said, Kohl’s has a relatively limited number of styles that fit in the box, so the chances of finding a better version (by quality or size) at another store are fairly high.

Can I Exchange An Item I Ordered From Kohls.com?

Customers can exchange anything purchased from Kohls.com. The only restriction is that it needs to be exchanged within 180 days of delivery.

According to Kohls.com, Kohl’s cannot process exchanges through Kohls.com. A customer who wants to return clothing or other items they purchased online must do so at a Kohl’s store location.

It was announced that customers can exchange their online purchases at Kohl’s stores.

But, Kohl’s will give back the original price and discounts of an item back to be used on a new order for a customer who is unable to physically go to a store.

If they want to send the original purchase back for a refund, they have to send the original purchase back.

Can I Make An Exchange At Kohl’s Through The Mail?

While Kohl’s allows returns to be made through the mail, it isn’t currently able to process exchanges.

The company is building a digital platform to help customers make exchanges. A customer will have to go online to the site, click on a button that will initiate the exchange and bring their clothing or items into a physical Kohl’s store.

Does Kohl’s Have A Different Exchange Policy For Electronics?

Kohls only accepts the return of damaged or incorrectly shipped items. Kohl’s will then replace the item or refund.

For computers, tablets, and other devices, customers must make an exchange within 30 days of their original purchase, meaning they must have the original package in order to return it.

This is another example of a scenario where the customer will be able to verify their purchase by going to a store.

If the card is not used to make a purchase, Kohl’s will not issue an exchange if the original purchase cannot be found.

You can also see what personal data Kohl’s is requesting through the Privacy Policy link on the app or through your Facebook Messenger app. This is why, if you are not familiar with the data Kohl’s is collecting, we encourage you to do a bit more research before making the swap.

If you are looking to buy a laptop on the cheap, then you can check out our related posts about Best Buy’s exchange policy and eBay’s return policy.

Conclusion: Kohl’s Exchange Policy

The Kohl’s exchange policy states that they will accept returns if the item has been worn, but it must not be heavily worn (scratches, ripped etc). Kohl’s also doesn’t allow returns on items with price tags on them.

Kohl’s does not allow any exchanges of purchases unless these purchases are made in stores. However, Kohl’s will accept returns for online purchases, as long as the customer does this in person at a Kohl’s location.

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