Kohl’s Clothing Return Policy (worn, No Receipt, No Tags + More) 

The clothing items come in a variety of styles, including jackets, dresses, tops, pants, skirts, shorts, and boots.

If you’ve purchased a clothing item from Kohl’s that you are unhappy with, there are a few ways you can get it back. I’ll cover each one in this article!

Kohl’s Clothing Return Policy In 2022

Kohl’s is a great place to return clothes and get your money back. You can return your items in-store, by mail, and via the Kohls app for store purchases. For items purchased online, you can request a refund via the Kohl’s app.

If you want to know more about how Kohl’s cashback works on returns, and see if you pay less fees on your purchase, and more about Kohl’s return policies, keep on reading!
– The Kohl’s Cashback page contains lots of valuable information.

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Kohl’s has no problem if you do not have a receipt, and no proof of purchase. You can return items without one.
*I got this information from a Kmart employee.

I’m sure you have lost the receipt and do not have any way to return what you bought to the store, just go to the store and if they can take your money, go back to the cashier and make a new purchase and you will receive your refund.

If you paid by any third-party debit or credit card, there is a chance that the cashier will not have a record of your purchase. Just ask and they will take you to the back to check.

I was not sure about the verification process, and the store does not tell you before you get in line. After you get to the check-out counter, Kohl’s staff will ask you to go to the back of the store and bring the exact card you showed during the purchase and your government-issued photo ID, as they compare the information to the item you bought and need to process your return.

Can You Return Worn Clothes To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s allows returns on every clothing item (including items that are not even new). Kohl’s will offer store credit.

The returns policy will be very straightforward. The retailer may charge a return fee that varies depending on how long the item is being returned. Some retailers may waive the return fee at all, meaning that you do not have to pay anything to return items. The length of time your item has been in transit is also likely to be reflected in the return fee. Some retailers may offer a discount to return items under two weeks.

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s Without The Tags?

You need to return the item in a new condition, and if you’re returning a pair of jeans, you need to replace the button(s) and the button holes.

As long as the item is unworn, Kohl’s will accept the return of the item. In order for Kohl’s to identify the item, it will ask the customer for the transaction receipt.

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s After 180 Days?

Kohl’s does not have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the returns window for clothing items.

If there is any purchase that is made after 180 days, you will not be able to make a return or get a refund.

How Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s?

You can return all clothing items purchased in-store at Kohl’s locations nationwide, making sure to bring the original receipt and valid photo ID if you want the refund to be processed to your mode of payment.

For items bought on Kohls.com, the best way to get a refund or exchange is to bring the items to a nearby Kohls store with your printed invoice from “Orders History”.

1) You will need to provide a proof of ownership and the original shipping box to the shipping department at the FedEx location nearest you.

Note that you will not be refunded for shipping costs of returning the items back to Kohl’s. However, you will be refunded of the value of the clothing items.

Even if you return it to Kohl’s through the mail, you should receive it 7-10 business days later.

Does Kohl’s Give CashBack On Returns?

Kohl’s is only going to refund you for the price of the clothes if they were purchased with Kohl’s Cash. The discount on the clothes will also be refunded.

You’ll also have 30 days after your purchase to redeem your Kohls Cash, you just need to have them emailed to you after you make your purchase.

All of our returns are processed automatically, so you can expect to receive your refund in 7-10 business days.

What Happens If You Return Clothing Bought Using Kohl’s Cash?

If you return a purchase made with Kohl’s Cash, you will be credited with the amount of Kohl’s Cash available to you at the time of the return. The original amount of Kohl’s Cash you had will be returned to your account, or will be applied to purchase Kohl’s Cash if you’re not currently able to use it.

If your Kohl’s Cash Points have expired, you will have a 10 day window to use up your Kohl’s Cash in store, but if you’re using them online, you will have a 7-day window to use your Kohl’s Cash online.

Is Kohl’s Holiday Return Policy Different From Its Regular Policy?

Kohl’s says that there are some restrictions on using its Returns Policy for the holiday season. If you shop between November 1st and December 25th, you have until January 31st to return the clothes. They must be shipped within 60 days of purchase.

After you have entered your information, click the ‘View My Return History’ link.
In the ‘Sales View’ section, you’ll find a button called ‘More Info’.
Click that button and you’ll see how many days, in total, your return will take.

*The Kohl’s return policy can vary by state. Please visit your state’s Kohl’s website for more information.

**Not valid on promotional items.
*The Kohl’s return policy can vary by state. Please visit your state’s Kohl’s website for more information.

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Kohl’s will allow its customers to return any items bought within the last 3 months, even if these do not have tags but have been worn. Additionally, Kohl’s will also accept returns without receipts, but they will be credited in the form of store credit only. For the holiday season, Kohl’s clothing items must not be worn, and should have the tags to be accepted for a return.

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