Costco Clothing Return Policy (worn, No Receipt, Tags + More)

In the United States, Costco is well known for selling inexpensive items of high quality, primarily in the home-appliance category.

This is not a problem. Costco will accept return of your clothing for an additional 15% service charge on top of the product price.

Costco Clothing Return Policy In 2022

Costco can be used as a return address for items that were purchased elsewhere. It does not, however, accept items without a receipt. You will not get a return of items with excessive wear and tear.

If you’re wondering about returning clothing items to Costco without the receipt, what kind of returns policies apply to clothing, and if there are any restrictions, go further!

Can I Return Clothes To Costco Without Tags?

If you have your Costco membership card you will be able to return the clothes with the tags still attached to the item. However, you will need to bring the item and your Costco card to the store for verification.

If your clothing items are in good condition, it is likely that Costco will fully refund the items regardless of whether they still have the tags or not.
It is also possible that your items are already worn and should be returned to Walmart before you mail them.

It is very rare that returned items go back to for exchange or refund.

Costco will only refuse clothes that have irreplaceable damages to the items’ wear and tear.

This is a common occurrence in stores like Costco. It doesn’t hurt to have a copy of your receipt for your records. You can use that to create a claim for any merchandise you return without tags.

The best thing to do is return the item to the store where you purchased it, and ask them to put a sticker over the price tag, or write the price tag on the outside of the package/box with pen, marker, or Sharpie.

Can I Return Worn Clothes To Costco?

If the clothes you purchased were on clearance, they will never need to be worn or washed. This is especially true if you have purchased clothing that has the tag still attached.

Clothing that has not been worn after purchase will be accepted (except for shoes/trainers). Any other wear and tear will not be accepted.

You can increase the chances of your return to a store being successful by washing the item first (if it has been worn).

Can I Return Clothing Items To Costco Without The Receipt?

Costco reserves the right to require the original receipt for the return of items.
While not required, we recommend providing the original receipt when you visit a store for a return.

As long as you have a Costco membership card and a valid government-issued photo ID that Costco can check, then you can exchange it for a new one.

Does Costco Accept Returns Of Clothing Items After 90 Days?

Costco has a 90-day return window for specific items while returning other items can be done whenever the customer wants.

You should be careful because the fine for clothing items is not a fixed amount. Some of the clothing items are not covered by the fine, and some others are quite expensive, and you have to check fine details on the official Amazon website.

How Do I Return Clothes To Costco In-Store?

You can return clothes at Costco stores. Just bring the clothes to the returns counter at the store.

If you don’t have the receipt and have it with your membership card, but can’t find the receipt on the screen, look on the receipt for the barcode and the serial number (which will be on the back of the membership card). Also, Costco usually has a phone number and address on their membership cards that you can call if needed.

You must have the original credit card used to make the purchase, along with a letter written down the information the seller gave you and a receipt from the purchase in order to receive a credit or to receive a refund.

How Do I Return Clothes To Costco Online?

If you purchase clothing online from Costco and wish to return it, you can request a refund through the store you purchased the clothes from or send it to you via mail service.

In order to return your clothing items via mail, follow these simple steps.

When returning items by mail, you will receive a refund on the purchase price along with the original shipping cost.

Can I Return Clothes To Costco If I Am Not A Member?

You should always try to return your own things to the store, but if you do not have a membership it is fine to return to Costco stores.

If you can’t find out the original purchaser; you can call Costco and ask for the name of the person who first purchase the item. Then, you’ll need a receipt or gift receipt which Costco will then use to look up the membership of the person who originally purchased the item and successfully process the return.

The former, you can contact them through your receipt. The latter, you need to contact them at this number.

If you are wondering if you should return an item to Costco, you should be able to return to Costco most furniture, unless we marked the item “pre-owned”.

Conclusion: Costco Clothing Return Policy

Costco accepts returns of clothing items even if these have been worn and/or damaged. However, you must contact Costco by phone to return your item. You must also take the item in person, because the item must be handed over and there will be no exchange.

You do not need a receipt or even a Costco membership to return clothing items. You don’t need to bring in any specific items or show your ID. You can return clothing items either in their warehouse stores locations or online.

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