Costco Router & Modem Return Policy (no Receipt, Open Box + More)

If you’re looking to keep up with the technological advances, you can do it just by shopping at Costco.

However you do not return the modem or router to Costco if you are unsatisfied with it, here are the things you need to know.

Costco Router & Modem Return Policy In 2022

Members may return items by bringing them on-site to a Costco store or
mail them back at no charge. If your purchase was made through a
third-party retail vendor, return it to the same vendor. If return
items are purchased with a Costco Membership Card, the card should be
present at time of return.

As a customer, if you wish to return a modem or router, you can send your box or receipt to Costco and they’ll include instructions on how to complete a return. If you return a modem or router, you can expect that the shipping will be free of charge.

How Long Do I Have To Return My Router Or Modem To Costco? 

Every Costco member can enjoy a lifetime satisfaction return policy and this will guarantee that they are always happy with their Costco purchases.

The time limit for returning your router or modem to Costco is 90 days, plus it is good for the manufacturer’s warranty.

The problem could be that Costco’s return policy is often confusing and difficult for shoppers to navigate.

Ideally, you should go to your local store and complain to the sales representative that you are not happy with the purchase if you are not happy with the quality of the purchase.

If you’re not sure, you can always check whether or not your router or modem has any modified return policies.

Can I Return My Router Or Modem Without A Receipt To Costco? 

However, Costco does not give a receipt for this service. You will need to contact them to request an estimate and a receipt after the work is completed.

I’ve never had an issue returning a router and modem to Costco. There was a time when I sent in two routers (one each) because one of them had started acting up. I didn’t get a receipt for either because they were returned the following business day.

There is no guarantee of cash given you, but often times they will be given in the same currency as you purchased it in.

If the item is not in eligible categories, you will not receive the value of the item back to your Costco Cash Card.

Do I Need The Box To Return My Router Or Modem To Costco? 

You can also contact other stores that sell your devices as they may provide a return or exchange option, although this will require a fee and will take some time for them to issue replacement devices if they have been sold out or received all the devices that they have in stock.

We do not have any of the original components in the return, although we can provide you with the new replacement components if you provide us with the receipt.

For example, if you purchased your router from Costco, you should return the router to the same Costco in order to receive a refund.

What Routers And Modems Do Costco Sell? 

In-store at Costco, they sell a range of routers and modems at competitive prices to appeal to members.

The retailer offers the well-known brands like Devolo and Netgear, with a range of routers and modems to suit every customer.

Prices for Costco routers and modems start at around ninety dollars and go all the way to 849 dollars, with the option to purchase in-store or have it delivered to your home.

When buying a new router, make sure it is compatible with your network. If not, you could have a problem.

Amazon: Customer reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, and it has a high score of an overall 4.5 stars from 17,000 reviews.

Costco is also known for having a great selection of the latest tech, which means that many routers and modems will be less expensive than your local retailer.

Do I Need To Be A Costco Member To Purchase A Router Or Modem? 

Yes, the home router market now includes Costco and other warehouse-style retail locations. Some of the routers at Costco and other stores are only sold to Costco members, like other products by Costco. Costco memberships start at $60 annually.

If you purchase a router or modem from Costco using a Costco Cash Card, you will not need to include a delivery address to your order.

You can purchase routers and modems at Costco using this method of payment.

If you purchased a router or modem from Costco, you must keep the receipt for your return.

When you use the Costco card on your computer, you should be sent a receipt that you can print off and bring with you or your purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

I know it might seem like an obvious point, but if you have a friend or have a friend who works there, you might be able to get them to help you out.
I’m not sure what you need help with, but as an example, you might be able to send them an email explaining your situation, and maybe they can help with the return.


Even though they are electronics, Costco does not explicitly list their router and modems on their return exceptions, meaning they are eligible to be returned any time after purchase due to Costco’s lifetime guarantee policy.

The [Paraphrase] statement is true, but the [Original] is not.

Costco will be happy to take your device back if you’ve had it for less than 90 days. You will need to bring your Costco membership card, the item you wish to return, and any accessories you purchased with it.

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