Best Buy Modem & Router Return Policy (used, No Box, No Receipt + More)

Best Buy can provide you with all electronic products you might need to buy and you can also return the product you don’t want to keep at a later day.

* Modem: A device that provides Internet connectivity for computers, tablets, servers, and other computing devices.
* Router: A device that allows computers to connect to the internet.
* Return and Exchange Policy:
To be able to return or exchange any of your devices, the best way to do it is to do so within 90 days from the date you purchased the product.

Best Buy Modem And Router Return Policy In 2022

In 2022, Best Buy will implement a policy where customers can return modems and routers within 15, 30, and 45 days depending on the membership status. The return request requirements include a new condition and proof of purchase. There is no restocking fee for modems and routers.

You may return an item that is

not new, in its original condition within 15 days to a Best Buy store. If the store you return to cannot find your phone or any of its parts, Best Buy will issue a full refund.

How Strict Is Best Buy’s Return Policy On Modems & Routers?

Customers can return modems and routers within 15/30/45 days, counted from the date the products are received. The time period is different depending on membership status.

To obtain the new warranty, Best Buy says, you’ll need to return the item to your local Best Buy store along with the original receipt. Once the store receives the item, it’s turned over to the manufacturer to repair the device. The warranty covers the remainder of the original warranty period.

The device needs to be in good working condition, with all accessories and packaging intact when the return is made.

In the case of lost purchases, you will be charged the full price of the product on a credit card. If the product is damaged, you will be responsible for the cost of the replacement.

When a customer returns a product, customers should provide proof of purchase, a copy of their ID, and a copy of their purchase receipt.

Can I Return Modems & Routers After The Given Time Frame?

No, Best Buy will not be able to replace or refund any item purchased during the 30 day return period.

When returning a modem or router to Best Buy a customer must adhere to the return period provided for that device.

Can I Return A Used Modem & Router To Best Buy?

Best Buy can return the modem for only 4 days or more than 4 days. You can return the router for either 4 days or more than 4 days.

You don’t want to keep paying for the modem/router you used to connect to the internet.

There is zero cancellation coverage with Best Buy and most other cell phone companies. You are responsible for the cancellation of your service contract with the carrier.

Can I Return A Modem & Router Combo Without A Receipt?

 A great way to show proof of purchase is to provide a serial number or a model number with the purchase.  Best Buy even has a service where you can send the serial or model number to them and they will process a claim.

A customer can also provide copies of the credit card statement and packing slips as proof of purchase.

Does Best Buy Accept No Box Modem & Router Returns?

Yes, you can return a modem & router combo without the original box. However, we will deduct a fee for the lost packaging to be returned to us.

If you are purchasing a NETGEAR-Nighthawk-Router- or a NETGEAR-Routers with a Docsis-3-1-Cable-Modem without the manufacturer’s packaging, a box or similar packaging is not included in the package.

This means the original packaging is not the same, and this is why it is necessary to keep track of it.
If you lose the packaging and the device is not returned to Best Buy, the return fee will not be reimbursed.

Will Best Buy Take Returns of Recycled Modems & Routers?

We do NOT take returns on modems or routers. However, they are NOT customer returns.

However, you can bring your old modem/router to Best Buy for recycling and get a 15% off recycle coupon when you purchase a new modem/router

Check out the page [here][2] to see all the items Best Buy can recycle and what percentage of the purchase price is being donated to the cause.

Does Best Buy Apply The Price Match Guarantee To All Returned Modems & Routers?

Most of the wireless router/modem combos qualify for the price match guarantee at Best Buy.

The Best Buy price match guarantee allows you to buy the product online or in store for a lower price within a certain amount of time.

Verizon will match the price of other providers and will not increase the price. These devices must be either a 32 or 64 channel cable modem. They are considered legacy product and will not be upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0.

Will I Get Cashback If I Return Modems & Routers To Best Buy?

The item is not brand new, and may have some cosmetic signs of being used.

If your modem/router combo is under $800, you will be offered the chance to purchase the two devices separately or to receive a refund from another retailer. If you choose refund, you will receive a refund check by US mail within ten business days. If you choose purchase, the cash payment will be refunded by check within ten business days.

Can I Return A Damaged Modem/Router To Best Buy?

Not only should the device have not been damaged during delivery, but it should have been properly packaged. The customer should have been aware of the warranty limitations, and be familiar with the terms of the warranty.

To return a product, it must be completely new-like condition. Any damage caused by the buyer cannot be grounds for a return.

Will I Keep My Bundle Discount When I Return A Modem/Router Combo With Missing Items?

Best Buy will take away the bundle discount benefit when you return all but one of the items purchased with it.

– When you buy a router, modem and/or modem-router combo, it’s necessary to return all of the different items you bought at the same time.
– It’s not possible to return a modem or router if you purchased it separately.

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Best Buy gives a clear return policy, making it easily possible for consumers to get the best customer service possible when returning their purchases.

Customers will be able to get assistance with their online orders or returns at Best Buy through their online store. Customers can also send mail-in returns to any Walmart store. If customers have any other questions they can either call Best Buy who will be able to help them with any online issues or return at a store.

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