Where Can I Return Verizon Equipment? (full Guide)

If you are considering leaving Verizon, and you realize that you have purchased Verizon equipment that you no longer need, you might be wondering where to return the equipment.

If you think you may have received a defective device, then keep reading to learn where to return the Verizon equipment and what I’ve discovered about the return process!

Where Can I Return Verizon Equipment In 2022?

You can return Verizon equipment if you purchased it directly from either the Verizon website or an authorized retailer. If the equipment was bought from an authorized retailer, you must return the equipment to that store. Verizon FIOS equipment can be returned via U.S. Postal Service or can be returned to some Verizon FIOS stores, but not all stores will take returns.

This is to help you understand what you need to do if you are unable to resolve your issue directly through the customer support team. If this does not help, please write the details of your concern below and a representative will respond to you.

Where Do I Return My Verizon Device?

If you want to return your device, you can do it by visiting a Verizon store, call their customer care department, or return it online through the company’s website. If you want to exchange your device, you can do it by calling their customer care department, visiting one of their stores, or exchanging them online through their website.

When you return a phone to Verizon, there is a fee of $50 if you’re not going through the mail in Hawaii.

If you purchased your Galaxy S5 in stores like Best Buy it is possible to return it to those stores for money back if it is found to not function properly.

How Do I Return My Verizon Router?

If you lost your router, you’d need to call the 1-800 number and enter in your account number and then answer the prompts or say to return equipment.

If the package is shipped to you, it will be delivered to you. However, if you go to the UPS store to return the package, you should be able to return the package right at the store. This store is a very large store so there is a very good chance that the equipment will be found there.

Verizon will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you don’t have to pay for shipping. It will also include a prepaid label for a return bag.

As long as it is returned within 30 days, you will only be charged for the equipment. You should be billed for the equipment.

What FIOS Equipment Needs to Be Returned?

As the Verizon FIOS services you used are different from one person to another, so are the equipment that you’ll have to return.

Therefore, you should ask customer service what you need to return and review your list of items, such as cable boxes, modems, routers, and other items.

I can only find that the box includes a cable, adapters, power cord and router. I have not been able to find a list of what items are included with that box.

Where Can I Return Verizon Set-Top Box?

If you’re looking to return your FIOS set-top box, you can return it directly to most Verizon FIOS store locations.

But, if your box is under warranty, you can go to any authorized reseller, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.com.

As a side note, Verizon Fios TV stores do not accept the use of set-top boxes. If you want to watch Fios TV you’ll need to purchase it from the Verizon website or a Verizon retailer.

Can I Return Verizon Equipment to Any Store?

You cannot just return the software to the store where you bought it, because the company has a very strict return policy and even the store you purchased it from may not even be authorized to take it back.

Subsequently you can call Verizon customer service and ask about where you should process a return when you’ve canceled services or want to return items.

This is especially true but also true for other phone companies, as you don’t want to be wrongly charged for unreturned equipment because you sent it to the wrong store.

Can I Return Accessories to Any Verizon Store?

Accessories purchased at Verizon store locations can be returned to any company store, but not the accessories purchased at an authorized retailer.

The reason why you can’t return the device is because it is no longer covered by warranty nor is it tied to an account with Google. If you’ve paid for the device using your credit card, though, you’ll have to use the merchant’s warranty or else you’ll be left out of luck.

If a store returns an item, you’ll be asked how you want that item to be handled. You’ll need to follow their instructions to ensure the item is returned in the best possible condition.

Can You Return Verizon Equipment Late?

Returning your equipment late means paying late fees. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your equipment arrives on time or you’ll end up paying these fees!

Verizon offers a few options for people like you who are experiencing personal emergencies and would like to avoid late return fees.

Do I Need to Return My Verizon Remote?

You don’t need to return your Verizon remote if you’re returning the Verizon FIOS equipment to the local store or mailing it back. We will also include replacement of Verizon remote with 30-day money-back guarantee. It is not necessary to return the equipment.

*Please note – The above offer does not apply to any purchases made from a retail store or online.

How to return your Verizon equipment.

The company also allows you to keep the remote controls for future use but if you don’t want them you can have them recycled.

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Verizon has a strict return policy that doesn’t allow you to return equipment to their stores unless you’ve purchased the item directly. As such, you are restricted in where you can return this phone to and how you can return it.

You may also return your FIOS equipment by mailing it back using USPS or by dropping it off at a Verizon FIOS TV location.

You can be charged unreturned equipment fees if you return equipment after 30 days of cancellation, so contact Verizon as soon as you realize you need to return all equipment.

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