Does Amazon Take Apple Pay? (try This Instead)

In the past, Apple has worked with other retailers and payment networks to build a system where your mobile phone can act as a credit card, and in July 2015, the two companies opened up the service to more merchants.

Amazon currently does not accept Apple Pay at this time.
Amazon will begin accepting Apple Pay at some point in the future, but we don’t have a specific time frame on when it will begin.

As a side note, Amazon and Google are two of the only e-commerce giants that currently do not accept Apple Pay.

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay In 2022?

While Amazon Payments doesn’t take Apple Pay, you can use cards in your Apple Wallet or your Apple Card to pay for purchases on Amazon. Amazon Payments takes all major credit and debit cards, plus personal checking accounts and EBT cards. Amazon Payments has been growing quickly over the last two years and is now a leading payment solutions provider for small and medium businesses.

ApplePay is a method of payment on the App Store that you can use to pay for things. It’s very easy, with the help of Apple Pay, to pay for things from the App Store and make in-app purchases as well. The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, as well as the iPod touch.
For more information on ApplePay, go to the App Store, and search for the App by the name of Apple Pay.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Take Apple Pay?

Amazon does not currently take the Apple Pay because there is no direct agreement to carry out the transaction on Amazon’s app.

If you want to use Apple Pay with Amazon’s website or app, you have to make a separate transaction to the Apple Pay website by using the Apple Pay mobile app.

Also, because Amazon doesn’t do physical stores, and because there are millions of sellers, the only way for a thief to steal their money is through the Amazon Payments system. If Amazon makes a mistake or a fraudster gets past the security, they can’t cash out.

So, while Amazon and Apple are not officially partnering, they are still working closely. They are collaborating to make it easier for Apple Pay users to purchase things on Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t have plans for Apple Pay on the Amazon website, so customers who prefer to use this payment method had to do with a card instead.

Amazon is also adding an option for people to “buy now” using Apple Pay at specific product pages.

Can You Use Apple Cards On Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t offer Apple Pay but you should feel confident because your Apple Card will work.

Apple cards allow users to access to credit card benefits in many different places using Apple Pay, including: Apple Watch, an iPhone, Apple TV and Macs.

You can pay with Apple Pay at merchants that take Mastercard on iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and other payments.

– You don’t need a physical card or bank account to use Apple Pay.

You don’t need to do anything special to use your Apple Card. Just like you would using your regular card when paying on Amazon.

You are able to add a new payment option by typing in your Apple Card number, expiry date, and security code as prompted.

You can now save the Apple Card as a payment method on your Amazon account and get the next best thing after Apple Pay.

– With saved payment preferences, you can shop on or the Amazon app and use an Apple Card or another credit card or even a gift card to pay in one click.

Apple doesn’t want to be known for a single payment method. They want to be known for multiple (i.e. Apple Pay) payment methods.

Amazon wants to know that there is going to be a consistent experience when customers pay by Amazon, whether it’s their phone or their computer.

How Can You Pay On Amazon?

Amazon takes credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
and Discover. All you have to is sign up for Amazon Prime, where Amazon takes a small fee every year to give you a free card for shopping online.

Amazon is a place to buy everything. They accept many different types of cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and Union Pay.

Amazon is now trying to get into the financial world with the Amazon Pay Card, a prepaid card that you can buy with Amazon gift cards and which you can use to pay for anything at stores with the Payments on their site.

To add your Amazon account to your website, just go to your dashboard and then click on the link.

In the near future, the Amazon Echo will be able to pay for you at checkout and send your order to your house.

What Stores Take Apple Pay Instead?

Some shoppers find it unfortunate that Amazon doesn’t accept mobile payments from Apple. There are plenty of stores that do. Here are a few stores that accept Apple Pay.

If you have a credit card, it’s important to keep in mind that you might be able to use that to purchase gifts and treats for your kids, too.

You should consider selling something to someone for cash or getting yourself some money to buy a gift card or gift card because of the lack of government assistance.

To learn more about how to pay with Amazon, you can read about whether Amazon accepts Afterpay, what is Amazon pay, and if Amazon takes American Express.


Amazon is not accepting Apple Pay to purchase things on its website. However, you can use an Apple Card or any other major credit/debit card which is the next best thing.

Amazon lets you securely store your payment information so that you can simply select which card to use, and you’re good to go with ultra-fast payments and a smooth online checkout process.

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