Does Murphy Gas Take Apple Pay? (all You Need To Know)

If you are shopping early in the morning or on an empty stomach, you might be tempted to stop at one of the Murphy gas stations. However, if you are low on gas or near an outlet, you might want to stay at one of the Murphy gas stations.

Apple Pay has become a prevalent payment method for Apple products, but it is not accepted everywhere. This article will determine if Murphy Gas will accept Apple Pay, how to use Apple Pay to purchase gas, and other alternative payment methods at the pump.

Does Murphy Gas Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Drivers pay at the pump with major credit and debit cards, gift cards, and Walmart or Murphy Gas credit cards. Murphy accepts major credit and debit cards including Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and JCB among others.

Because you’re probably here, you’re probably thinking, “How do I use Apple Pay, exactly?” The answer is: With ease!

How Can I Find Out If Murphy USA Gas Accepts Apple Credit?

If a business accepts Apple Pay, you will also be able to pay through the Apple Pay app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

This means that there is a NFC chip inside the pump itself. So you must connect the NFC tap to the pump NFC chip.

Another way to find a gas station that accepts Apple Pay is to search for Murphy USA near you on your phone.

Now that you know a gas station accepts Apple Pay, you can also set up the Apple Pay option or add funds to your card in the Murphy app.

If you see the Apple Pay logo, then that means the merchant supports Apple Pay.

After the user approves the payment request, Maps should suggest a nearby payment network, such as an Apple Pay network. The user may then tap an icon to add that card to Apple Pay.

If you do not have Google Maps on your Apple device, you could use another free app called Finders which can also help you find places like stores that accept Apple Pay.

And you can see at a glance if Apple Pay is working or not, with all the latest Apple Pay information available in the app for your convenience.

What Other Forms Of Payment Can You Use At Murphy Gas?

Gas stations have options for most customers, such as the pump payment terminal and credit/debit card payment. Also, a service called FuelSaver is available to all customers at many stations on a trial basis.

Murphy Gas can also accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, fleet cards, gift cards, and more.

Forgotten your debit card? No worries. Murphy USA accepts credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

If you want a Murphy USA check card, go to this link. There is no credit check, and approved individuals can save three cents per gallon!

How Do I Pay For Gas At Murphy USA Using Apple Pay?

To pay for gas using Apple Pay, you will simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch near the terminal that has your debit or credit card information already on file, and provide your fingerprint for verification.

After that, the money is automatically transferred from the linked card to the owner’s bank account.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can hold your device near the credit card reader and place it on the “Pay” or “Apple Pay” button.

So if you are using an Apple Watch, it is very easy to pay. I feel like it should also be easier to pay with other credit cards. When you swipe your card, if it has Apple Pay on it, it should charge.

Once you get the notification, open the website and add your credentials.

What Other Gas Stations Accept Apple Pay?

If you are having trouble using Apple Pay at Murphy USA because the reader is not working, you may also be having trouble at other gas stations that are also using the same reader.

Café Flore – You can pay for dining with your iPhone with an Apple Pay transaction
CVS – you can pay for prescriptions with an Apple Pay transaction
Starbucks – You can pay for coffee with an Apple Pay transaction

Other stores may be added over time.

Be careful if you are going to stop at a gas station. In case it doesn’t have the feature in store, you will use Pay Pal or Pay Now.

To know more, you can also read our posts on if Walmart accepts Apple Pay, if you get 10% off your first oil change, and if Walmart has gas rewards.


Since it was released, Apple Pay has become one of Murphy USA gas stations’ most common payment methods.

The payment app is very cool, and it’s not as complicated as I first thought it might be. You can actually make payments and manage card details through the app.

If your identity is stolen, we will work with you so we can help keep your account secure and protect you from fraudulent activity.

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