Does Tj Maxx Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (all You Need To Know)

Google Pay is a payment method where you just need to download the app and add cash to your account.

If you really want to make mobile payments, you want to know if TJ Maxx accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay. If so, keep reading to see what I found out!

Does TJ Maxx Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

TJ Maxx will no longer accept Apple Pay as the only payment method it accepts until 2022. It will also stop processing credit cards and debit cards by that time. Gift cards will also be no longer accepted at TJ Maxx by then.

To get more information about the methods of payment you can use at TJ Maxx, and how to locate stores that take Google Pay and Samsung Pay, continue reading for more information!

Can You Use Google Pay & Samsung Pay at TJ Maxx?

Sorry, we do not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay for online purchases.

Does TJ Maxx Accept Any Contactless Payments?

You can also use Apple Pay from anywhere, for any merchant that accepts credit card payments. For every transaction, you’ll receive a notification. Apple Pay is available at thousands of locations throughout the United States.

In addition to payments, you can use any Apple device to shop right on the Apple Store website.

Apple Pay is a handy tool to use when purchasing items from retailers that accept Apple Pay.

Does TJ Maxx Accept PayPal?

In order to be able to make purchases on Tj using a PayPal account, you’ll need a phone number linked to this account.

Unlike some other retailers, TJ Maxx does not accept PayPal for online purchases. They do, however, accept all major credit cards.

What Other Types of Payments Does TJ Maxx Accept?

In the US, you can use debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

What Stores Accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay?

Google Pay and Samsung Pay are NFC based apps and allow you to use your phones credit card directly from the device without having to use a cashier.

If the store does allow those, then you only need to install their mobile application.

If you have an Android phone, you can download the Google Pay app. Then you can create a Google account and set up the app with one or more credit or debit cards.

You’ll see the Use Google Pay Nearby tab at the bottom of the home screen, showing your last nearby transaction.

When you tap on the Use Google Pay Nearby tab, it will show three nearby locations where you can use Google Pay, and if it’s enabled for that location, you are given the option to see more locations.

To check out which stores accept Samsung Pay, visit the official company website and check out the list.

To see more posts on this subject, visit our post on American Express, if TJ Maxx does or does not take American Express, and our post on whether or not TJ Maxx takes Apple Pay.


currently, the only contactless payment method available at TJ Maxx is Apple Pay. There is no indication when other contactless payment options may be available, so it may be a while before TJ Maxx accepts a different payment option.

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