Does Cvs Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (full Guide)

NFC technology helps you pay for items using your mobile phone or a credit card just by tapping your smartphone to an NFC-enabled point of sale terminal.

Is CVS taking Google Pay? The short answer is: CVS does not accept Google Pay as a form of payment. As far as I can tell, CVS is not accepting Samsung Pay as a form of payment. However, if you have an app that has a Google Pay or Samsung Pay plugin, like some apps from eBay and Samsung do, and you can use it on your smartphone, this could be an option for you!

Does CVS Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

CVS accepts Google Pay and Samsung Pay at all standalone pharmacy locations with NFC technology across the U.S. Starting in 2022.

CVS accepts Apple Pay for online purchases in all stores except standalone pharmacies. However, it does not accept mobile payments at standalone pharmacies, only at pharmacies located inside a larger retail store.
CVS accepts cash at all standalone pharmacies.

You can learn how to use Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay in CVS stores, what other forms of payment CVS accepts, and much more, by reading!

Do All CVS Stores Accept Google Pay And Samsung Pay?

We’re excited to announce that all our standalone CVS Pharmacy locations in the United States are now accepting Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

A trial test of CVS’ NFC payments started in 2018 and by 2022, you can believe it’s a done deal.

How Do I Use Google Pay At CVS?

You can set up the CVS application, so make sure you have a Google Pay account and attach a debit or credit card.

Hold your cell phone over the card reader at the checkout counter to let the payment card inserted in your account be displayed.

Once the item is displayed on the checkout screen, you must verify and complete the purchase by tapping the check symbol on the screen.

How Do I Use Samsung Pay At CVS?

You can use Samsung Pay at CVS if you have your Samsung Pay app fully setup with a linked credit or debit credit card.

On a device like an iPhone, select the card to make sure you are sending the right payment and enter the amount you would like to pay.

As you hold the device over the card reader, the payment app will prompt you to open the camera and take a picture of the card.
To proceed with the payment, you need to hold the phone still over the card reader and use the camera (in conjunction with the device motion features) to verify the card.

Does CVS Take Any Other NFC Payments?

However, you can use your Apple Watch to pay at some stores that accept Apple Pay, such as Whole Foods and Starbucks.

To use Apple Pay at the CVS register, you just need to hold your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch up to a card reader, and the payment will be made automatically.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does CVS Take?

Online payments are also safe and easy. Our software platform allows merchants to accept electronic payments through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We provide software support for the payment methods, so merchants don’t have to worry about integrating a new payment processor.

CVS is among the first major retailers to accept cards with contacts from Apple Pay and PayPal. Venmo and Google Wallet already have the ability to use a smartphone to pull out a card.

A year and a half after the announcement, Starbucks announced plans to add contactless payment options, most notably Apple Pay, to its stores nationwide. Starbucks previously launched Apple Pay payments in 2015.

To learn more about the payment methods accepted by Rite-Aid, you should check out our guide on whether or not Rite-Aid accepts Apple Pay and our guide on whether Rite-Aid accepts EBT.


CVS is accepting both Google Pay and Samsung Pay at the moment. As long as the store has the correct NFC devices, it will accept payments via both Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

I’m not a developer, so I don’t know if any of these are implemented on the website, but they sound like they would be very simple. All you would need is a QR code and a Venmo account.

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