Does 711 Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (full Guide)

But as you may have guessed, the majority of people are still using Apple Pay.
This is because Apple Pay has some nice features that not only make it easier to pay with iPhones, but also make it more convenient.
And Apple Pay gives you a lot of ways to pay.
So let’s take a look at these features…

So, you want to know what stores accepts contactless payment from Samsung or Google? Well, here are the ones that accept contactless NFC in the United States.

Does 711 Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

711 charges a flat $3.49 fee to add a card to your account, and a $5.99 monthly maintenance fee. 711 also offers two plans: 1 card: $6 per month; or 2 cards: $8 per month.
As you can see, 711 has a somewhat clunky user interface and can be difficult to set up. Also, you’re limited to adding only two cards.

You can use Samsung Pay on [original]: a few Samsung devices, including [original]: Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 and a few [original]: Samsung-made smartphones.

Does 711 Accept Google Pay?

711 (a grocery store chain in the Midwest) began accepting Google Pay at its stores at the same time it started accepting Apple Pay.

711 stores have been rolling out contactless payment since, but Google Pay is now one of the biggest payment options available.

However, because this software upgrade is expensive for merchants, they may not accept it. Also, if you visit a rural store, you should call ahead and confirm if they accept this type of payment.

Does 711 Accept Samsung Pay?

711 and Subway accept Samsung Pay, but the only locations with 711 are at the main
stores in New York City, and at some stores in Los Angeles.

Subway has been accepting Google Pay and Apple Pay.

If you do choose to use this method of payment, it’s recommended that you create a Samsung Pay account, which can be done quickly through the Settings application. Once you have a secure payment method, you can save your credit card information and use it for purchases to avoid having to re-enter your information every time you go to pay. Just select the store, make sure you are within range of a POS (Point-of-Sale device), and pay.

What Can You Buy With 711 Wallet?

The 711 Wallet payment solution offers a seamless payment experience at your favorite 7-Eleven store at home. With this service, 7-Eleven will process the payment in your home and you can choose the amount that you want to pay for your order. In the last week, over one million 711 Wallet mobile payment orders at 7-Eleven stores were fulfilled.

You can’t buy lottery tickets, gift cards, or cash at the store with a gift card.

In addition, customers can’t withdraw 711 Wallet funds from ATMs outside of Dubai.

However, if you want to use 711 Wallet, you cannot use one of these other payment methods.
We have been working on this issue.

How Do I  Use 711 Mobile Checkout?

Instead of relying on Google or Samsung to provide you with a payment app, you can use your phone number to sign up for the 711 mobile app. Using Google or Samsung’s apps can be difficult because you may not have a credit or debit card from either of those companies, and you may not want to use your phone number for other things.

You will need to add all your items to the mobile 711 cart so that you can use your credit card.

This is a very simple process. For example, you simply need to scan each item’s barcode so that you’ll be able to add products to your cart.

So you start up the app and a payment pop ups up as the QR code is shown. You scan it and then a payment is confirmed.

Where Else Is Google Pay Accepted?

Google is making it easy for people to use their service by allowing them to pay with whatever they choose, and many places around the world are implementing it.

In addition, Apple users can also access their iOS device by using Google Pay through the Apple Wallet app.

The way I pay for Amazon is through Amazon.

[Comment]: If you’re interested in a more detailed answer, you can find more information about Amazon Payments in our documentation. Additionally, you can find detailed instructions for setting up Amazon Payments here.

What Stores Accept Samsung Pay?

Samsung pay is the most common way to pay in the US. Its wide spread acceptance is due to the fact that it is accepted on so many different stores and apps.

That said, many merchants also accept Samsung Pay, and while the process isn’t all that different, the experience is good.

You should also avoid bringing lots of cash or having a big wad of bills in case your card gets stolen or lost.

It’s important to know that you can use a 7-11 if the convenience store is open and the product is on the shelves.


This merchant accepts many types of payment methods, which makes it easy to use many different contactless options when shopping at its stores.

Of course, you might want to call the local store to see if it accepts Google Pay.

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