Does Meijer Require Membership? (all You Need To Know)

Meijer is a company that rose like the sun with the purpose of being a regional grocery store and have become one of the favorite grocery stores in America.

However, as Meijer’s online commerce business was growing rapidly, one might ask – does Meijer require membership? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Meijer Require A Membership In 2022?

Meijer will operate under the same name as long as customers wish to purchase items at the grocery store without membership. Meijer will continue to operate as a gas station store that will not require a membership to buy gas. The grocery store will only be able to offer memberships to its stores by 2022.

Meijer membership is required to shop at Meijer stores, get a Meijer card, subscribe to Meijer mPerks, and in some instances to buy gasoline.

Do I Require Membership To Shop At Meijer?

Fortunately, the company that owns Meijer does not require consumers to seek membership before shopping at their stores. Thus, consumers can visit the stores anytime and check out without any membership.

In order to make a great deal more money, Meijer stores do not require you to buy a store membership card, hence, saving them money for its stockrooms.

There are companies like Target and Walmart that are similar to Meijer, however, Meijer requires customers to shop at the physical stores or order items online.

You can order from Meijer online or in-store. If you are ordering online, you do not need to have a Meijer account. If you want to order in-store, you must have a Meijer account.

If you use Shipt for online orders at your store, you can choose to pay an annual membership fee or one-time sign up fee.

Does Meijer’s mPerks Require A Membership?

This does not apply to online or store rewards programs.

Please note: Rewards are earned, not purchased.

If you would like to learn more about Meijer Rewards, please
visit our Rewards Homepage. For more information or to redeem your
credits, please visit our Rewards Central.

People are expected to sign up for the program in order to enjoy the benefits of mPerks such as coupons and rewards.

This is the case at Meijer where customers can sign up for the mPerks program to get digital coupons and rewards.

You can visit to learn more about your savings and the program, or register for an account if you’re not already enrolled.

Do You Have To Pay For Meijer’s mPerks?

Since Meijer is offering the chance for shoppers to get some extra cash back, it’s worth signing up for an account.

As a member of the Meijer reward program, every time you make an in-store purchase, you get an extra percentage off on your purchase at the register.

This is similar to using the mPerks website, where you can check out the offers and rewards available for you.

If you can’t remember to enter your Meijer mPerks information, it’s almost impossible to save a lot of money — something you will have to do if you want to shop Meijer frequently and regularly.

Meijer’s mPerks are a little bit more than a regular membership.

Digital Coupons are like coupons, even more powerful, since you never have to print them.

When you sign up with mPerks online, you can clip digital coupons. This allows you to quickly and easily save your coupons to your mPerks account.

When redeeming coupons at Meijer stores, you will need to enter your phone number when prompted.

Pick-up orders and home delivery are combined, and the store will automatically deduct each coupon matched on the order.

Rewards come in the form of prizes, which players can win in exchange for completing missions and other activities.

You don’t need to buy anything. Just start shopping on your grocery trip and you’ll automatically receive the mPerks benefit.

This rewards gives you an additional four weeks to spend $100 or more on certain items and get a free $.02 off.

The rewards you obtain are stored on the mPerks Credit Card; you can apply them to your account balance by entering your credit card number and the PIN that is associated with your mPerks account.

If you have already applied the rewards program to your order, you can skip over this step. No need to apply again.

 To get the same result, when you make a purchase online, create a login using your mPerks account and then you will be able to get the digital receipt of purchases on your mPerks account.

You will also be able to access your receipts up to two years after they were created.

The mPerks account enables you to track your spending habits so that you can keep an eye on your finances.

Saving and budgeting are important for many individuals and families.

Once you log into your mPerks account, you can get a look at how much you’ve saved.

Do I Require Membership To Purchase Fuel At Meijer Gas Stations?

Luckily, you don’t need to have any membership to purchase products at the over 200 Meijer gas stations.

when gas is cheap, it’s not so annoying to fill up your tank instead of buying a bunch of gas.

But the Meijer stores that haven’t been fitted with gas pumps are also working as convenience stores.

however, Meijer Mastercard or Meijer Credit Card holders may qualify for a gas discount.

If you want more information about Meijer, here’s a blog post we wrote about an infographic we made that has some neat information about their business.


If a Meijer gas station is not open that day, no credit will be given. If a customer does not have a Meijer gas card, the customer can buy a Meijer card and get the points that way, but Meijer gas stations will not be eligible for the mPerks program. Meijer gas stations are not eligible for mPerks rewards.

I have to take part in that program, but I do not want to be a part of it.

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