Do You Need A Membership For Big Lots? (all You Need To Know)

Big Lots started running a program that allowed a limited amount of people to sign people up for a year of memberships.

This might make you wonder, “Do Big Lots members shop at a different store? Are they only for people who want to save big bucks?” Read on and find out the answers to these and other questions you may have about Big Lots.

Do You Need a Membership for Big Lots In 2022?

Consumers can enter in to the Big Lots stores in 2022, and they can shop and enjoy the rewards of the Big Lots Program, but they need to gain membership before they can enjoy the benefits of the Big Rewards Program.

If you are a Big Lots Rewards member and you want to know about more details, how this program works, and a lot more information, then continue to read this guide.

What Is the Big Lots Reward Program?

The Big Lots reward program is a free shopper loyalty program that gives customers loyalty points and other benefits whenever they shop at Big Lots. Big Lots also offers a number of other benefits which can be viewed on their website.

The program is open to all customers over the age of 18. However, all members must be a Big Lots customer.

Therefore, to get a reward, customers have to buy the Big Rewards card.

How Do I Get a Big Lots Reward Card?

If you haven’t signed up for the Big Lots Rewards program yet, you can get 10 percent off your entire purchase at checkout with your Big Lots Reward Card. You can also use it to receive 1 percent cash back on your purchases.

The physical reward card will not work on online stores. The digital rewards card will work on most online stores.

The current plan is for the program to be supported by advertising and in-game purchases. In-game purchases will be available starting with the first title, but advertising should be available with the second title.

The image of the card is available in the customer’s online account under the rewards card information for digital cardholders. Customers should present the image at the time they place the order to get credit for qualifying purchases.

You can always switch from a physical Big Reward card to a digital one by going to the account and choosing the “Create Digital Card” option.

How Does the Big Lots Card Work?

You will be eligible to receive several rewards if you sign up for the Big Deals rewards program and receive the Big Deals card.

– The ability to vote in all the weekly polls hosted.
– The ability to comment on any discussion and interact with other members.
– The ability to create a personal profile page.

How Will I Get My Big Rewards From Big Lots?

You will be notified once your Big Lots points are credited to your account within 7-14 days from the date of purchase.

We send you an email every Friday to inform you about your order. The email address you provided has to be valid and active to receive the notifications and we cannot be held responsible for emails that are not delivered.

It really doesn’t matter when the Big Rewards are loaded, however, you should make sure you’re loaded them on a 17 day cycle.

Can You Use Your Big Lots Card Online?

You can also now use your Big Lots card on their online store. So you can browse their products without even leaving your house. You can also receive your reward points at the checkout.

Can You Use Your Big Lots Card at Physical Store Locations?

You can use your Big Lots card to shop in-store at Big Lots. Simply present your Big Lots card or ask an associate to look up your account for a digital Big Lots card.

In the past you could only buy items if you had a physical Big Lots credit card, but now you can shop with your cellphone.

What Happens When I Lose My Big Lots Card?

You can either add a new card to your account or link the card to your account. You can also change the name of the card if you wish. The change is instantaneous so there is no need to wait for the card to re-issue a new card.

If you want a physical card, you will go to a Big Lots store, and you will get a replacement!

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Big Lots customers can shop at the store and get rewards like a 25% off the store coupon without having to be a member of Big Rewards.

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