What Is Costco Executive Membership? (all You Need To Know)

Costco is known for being a good place to shop for groceries and other items like electronics.

Costco’s Executive membership is a way to get more out of your membership. If you are an executive in business, finance, politics, or the military, Costco has you covered!

What Is Costco Executive Membership In 2022?

In 2022, Costco is planning to have two membership plan options. One is the Executive membership which gives you a 2% reward only on qualifying purchases. The other is the Household membership which allows Costco to offer free home delivery to your home and members can select Costco Travel when traveling and have their travel expense reimbursement in the form of a Costco card.

If you want to learn more about Costco Executive membership, how to sign up, how much it costs, and the benefits, read on!

What Is The Difference Between The Costco Basic & Executive Membership?

If you are a business who wishes to have your own private store in Costco and you are not a member of executive, you can choose between Gold Star membership or Business membership.

1: The “university” is the American school.
2: The “university” is the school that the students attend.

You get a Gold Star as a reward for the time you spend making this site better.

* No need to ask or answer dozens of questions.

To be a founding member; it’s a small gift. Also a recognition of the
dedication of those already on board.

If you upgrade to the Costco Executive membership, this is what you should expect.

Costco members get access to their card at checkout, plus the ability to access their benefits whenever they want.

A monthly copy of the Costco Connection magazine is sent to you.

How Much Does Executive Membership Cost?

Costco has memberships. However, the number of things you could buy is limited. Thus, you should buy the more expensive membership.

What Are The Benefits Of The Costco Executive Membership?

You don’t need a Costco membership if you can get what you need from the regular price.

Get $2.00 back on qualified purchases from our list of merchants.

When you switch from the Gold Star to Executive membership, the most notable difference is that you are entitled to 2% rewards on eligible purchases, which may be useful when purchasing an item that uses a reward.

This reward can only be earned when you shop at any Costco physical store, Costco.com, or use Costco Travel.

Also, remember that Costco’s Member Reward program has a one-thousand-dollar annual limit, after which you will not be eligible for future rewards.

You get 10,000 rewards points for every dollar you spend with Costco Travel.

If you are looking to find a vacation package, a cruise, a hotel stay, or a rental car, you’ll earn more rewards as an Executive member.

Costco also has some vacation deals when you purchase a destination resort or spa for vacations.

How Do You Earn The 2% Reward?

If you purchase anything at Costco, then you’ll get 2% discount on your purchase.

Any item with a shipping charge that you paid.
Shipping charges are generally the same as the price of the item. If you paid for shipping separately, we’ll subtract the shipping amount from the total price.

However, if we shipped your order to you, the shipping charge isn’t a part of our reward.

How Can You Receive Your 2% Reward?

Costco will mail you your 2% reward certificate about two months before your membership renewal date.

The staff at Costco or your account on the app or on the website will help you figure out your renewal date.

So, if you unsubscribe or reverse you’ll lose all your accumulated rewards. So I suggest you to subscribe before the year is over.

How Can You Use Your Annual 2% Reward?

If you get a reward certificate, you can use it at your own discretion.

You can shop in-store and get your certificate. They will deduct from your total purchase 2% of your total purchases.

However, in order to use the reward on Costco.com, you will need to redeem it online from your Costco Shop Card.

Is The Costco Executive Membership Worth It?

If you are wondering whether the Costco membership is worth it, you should figure out how much you’re saving.

If the monthly purchases are $250, the annual reward is $3,000, and there’s no annual bonus.

– This is a great deal as the payment will automatically renew monthly. We recommend you to sign up for a year, but you can cancel at any time.

Because of this, if your household expenses are only $2,500 per month, this will be $30,000 annually and a $600 annual reward.

When you purchase expensive items at Costco, the Executive membership gives you discounts to make up for the price of the membership.

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If you’re an Executive member, you’ll receive a 2% reward on qualifying purchases at Costco when shopping in-store, online, or using Costco Travel.

As a bonus, this membership comes with a free home card that customers can use to purchase household items and pay for services.

You should also apply for the Executive plan at the Costco if you regularly shop there.

Also, you will be able to earn 2% rewards when shopping in-store, via Costco.com, or making Costco Travel purchases.

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