Does Costco Membership Auto Renew? [full Guide]

Costco offers a stunning range of essential food stuffs at rock bottom prices, which is made possible by offering a 12-month membership to keep prices in check.

If you are a Costco customer you might be asking yourself, “Am I an automatic renewer?” Unfortunately, no. However, you can opt out of auto-renewing your membership.

Does Costco Membership Auto Renew In 2022?

If memberships do not turn over automatically, customers still may purchase a membership, but the membership will expire the next time the
next available term becomes available. To ensure a new membership is
purchased, customers should keep their membership current by paying
for the membership as it expires.

As a Costco member, you’re able to re-enroll or renew your membership online.
To do this, you’ll need your membership number, which you can get from the Costco website.

How To Set Up Auto Renew For Costco Membership?

If you would like to set up automatic renewal for your Costco membership, go online at and it is super easy to do.

From here, simply sign in to your account or register for a new one. Once you’re signed in, click on the link below the blue box saying “Your renewal status is pending.

As long as your account is connected to a Visa card, you will be able to renew your subscription automatically.

When you make an online purchase at, you have the option to auto-renew for the upcoming term. You cannot do that if you have a Costco credit card; you should use a credit card that offers a grace period, or else you will be charged the standard fees.

“Membership Auto-Renewal” will renew the benefits if you do not cancel, or the membership expires.

How Do I Cancel My Costco Auto-Renewal?

Auto-renewal is usually a good thing. After all, you’re more likely to renew your membership when it’s coming up to renewal than when it’s already past the cut-off date. But if you’re cancelling or changing your auto-renewal settings, you need to know where to look and what to do.

Open the app on your phone.
Sign in to your Google accounts.
Select “Purchases” on the main menu.
Go to your app’s purchase history.

At this point, you’ll see your last purchased subscription.
Select the subscription on the menu, and the subscription will be renewed.
From that point, you will have 30 days to pay for the subscription.

How Much Is Costco Membership Renewal?

If you choose auto-renewal, you only have to pay the annual membership fee. If you want to cancel, you will have to pay the first year’s membership fee.

Membership for 30 days will cost 20 pounds, while the membership for 90 days will cost 400 pounds.

Costco stores are located all over the world, and you can use all of your membership benefits at all of those Costco stores.

You don’t need to be a Costco cardholder to join. If you join as a guest, you have to apply for a Costco membership card before you can start shopping in the warehouse stores. To apply for a Costco membership, visit the Costco website.

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The Costco Executive membership is a Costco brand membership that comes with an accompanying benefits and privileges. This is a membership that works for all Costco members.
However, it doesn’t have to be for everyone. If you’re a Costco Pro member, you automatically get an Executive membership.


If you do not want your membership renewed, or have canceled your Costco membership, you can choose to not receive renewal notices automatically (or at all) by making changes to your membership settings. For more information about managing your membership settings or renewing your membership, please visit

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