Sam’s Club Membership Renewal (does It Auto Renew, How To Renew + More)

If you invest in your Sam’s Club membership you get special deals on grocery items, and if you need things like car care or pharmacy services you can access them through their membership programs.

In this lesson, we are going to explain how you can invest in a membership at Sam’s Club.

Regarding your Sam’s Club membership renewal, there are a few options for this. First, you can renew your membership at any time. If you have an active membership, you can renew it online. If you have a lapsed membership, you will need to use the Sam’s Club Member Services center. To renew a lapsed membership, you will be prompted to visit your local Sam’s Club membership center.

I have found out all there is to know about renewing Sam’s Club memberships!

Sam’s Club Membership Renewal In 2022

Memberships are available for annual, quarterly, monthly, and six-month periods and come with a number of privileges. Sam’s Club offers members access to online discounts, free delivery of memberships, and the ability to shop online.

You can also renew your membership online, by phone, mailing in a paper version, and by visiting an official club.

Does Your Sam’s Club Membership Automatically Renew?

Please note that the store’s Auto Renew program enables you to have your membership automatically renewed at no additional cost.

You will be notified 2 weeks before your membership renewal date to remind you of the upcoming payment charged to your account.

If you decide not to use the Auto Renew service, the subscription period will expire automatically, and you will need to choose a new service before the current membership period expires. You will also need to cancel the Auto Renew service, and you will not be able to renew your subscription with this service once the current membership period expires.

If you are not already enrolled in Auto Renew, Auto Renew is recommended when upgrading or renewing your membership plan.

How Do You Set Your Membership To Automatically Renew?

If you have not already enrolled your membership in the Auto Renew service, Sam’s Club makes it easy to enroll.

Then, you click the “Start Shopping” button.

You have 2 choices:
– Start shopping here.
– Start shopping here and also go to the Sam’s Club Mobile website.

Once you view your account information, you will see the Auto Renew settings. To change these settings, select the Renew setting found in the “Membership” section.

If you already have a credit card that’s active, verify that it’s set up to Auto Renew.

If a default payment method is already associated with the order then this will result in a payment being added automatically.

We will automatically charge your credit card every month as long as you remain a customer.

Are There Charges To Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership Automatically?

When you become a member, it’s very easy to renew your subscription automatically and get the protection of our protection plan.

However, Sam’s Club does ask for a one-time fee at the time of renewal to ensure you have a valid card.

If your account is charged an annual fee, your subscription will later be restored.

You should have access to a Sam’s Club or Sam’s Plus membership card, which is about $45.

How Do You Renew Your Sam’s Club Membership (Without Setting Up Auto-Renew)?

If you choose to renew your membership online, in-store, by phone, or mail, you can choose to enroll in the Auto Renew program for 1 or 2 years.

If you want to enroll for 1 year, you will need to choose an Auto Renew 1 year subscription for just 49\$ and you will only be able to purchase one at a time.

If you want to renew your Sam’s Club membership, there is a quick and efficient way to do so by going through the Online Member Services.

Once you are logged into your member account, please click on the Member Center in the top left corner of the page. Click on the Renew Membership button.

This process is different from the monthly auto-renewal. You will be able to change the monthly auto-renewal information from your account settings.

You can manage your membership plan and your credit card from your customer account page.

If you want to use a debit card for payments, you can use the Add Card button in the Account menu.

A simple way to renew your membership at Sam’s Club is going to the store and doing so.

For information on the current status of your membership, please visit the Membership Desk at your local store.

Sam’s Club members can also get additional rewards (for example, free products) by using their membership card.

Once you have purchased the membership card, you may renew it at any standard checkout to avoid having to buy a new membership card in the future; however, you must do so from the standard checkout.

A device that connects people to each other via telephone.

To renew your membership, phone the customer service number provided at the front of the store.

Just call the number and it will give you the ability to Renew.

If you have add-ons, be sure to renew your membership at You can renew online anytime. After your renewal, you’ll receive an email letting you know it has been done.

If there is a reason to believe you were involved in illegal activities, we can issue you a letter.

Another way to renew your membership is to do so by mail. However, this method is not as popular because it takes up to 14 days to process the paperwork. If you do not have the time to wait, you can do so to renew your membership online. However, just be sure to follow the steps on this page.

To renew your membership by mail, you can find the address on Sam’s Club’s website.

Please join us again soon for more fun activities.

Can You Use An Expired Membership Card At Sam’s Club?

Many of the membership plans at Sam’s Club are valid for a very long time. Although membership plans are valid for only a certain period, this period is much longer than other membership programs.

As soon as you pass the 12-month mark, you cannot use your membership until it is renewed or upgraded.

> If you do not renew, we will cancel your membership effective on the last day of your membership.

How Do You Cancel Your Sam’s Club Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time and receive a refund if you cancel before the 12-month renewal point.

For your security, we do not store your credit card information.

To cancel, call Customer Service at 1-866-974-2855.

You can cancel your membership over the phone by calling (888) 746-7726. Another way you can cancel your membership is at the Membership desk or by going to the Customer Service desk.

If you terminate your account prior to the annual renewal, you receive an eGift Card for the remaining worth of your membership plan.

A Sam’s Club eGift card can be used at Walmart,, and

You lost your membership card, so Sam’s Club says they can no longer issue you a new one.
For refunds, contact the store manager or customer service.

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When you join Sam’s Club, the store automatically enrolls you in the Auto Renew service, so you do not have to worry about renewing your membership.
You can enroll for Auto Renew at or by calling 1-888-SAM-SPAYS.

The Auto Renew feature is available to all Sam’s Club members.
The Auto Renew feature can be cancelled at any time by going to the website or calling 1-800-345-9272.
You can cancel Auto Renew by going to the website or calling 1-800-345-9272.
You can renew your Membership in-store, online, by phone, or by post.

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