Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards? (full Guide)

To shop at Sam’s Club and gain access to their incredibly low prices and other exclusive offers, you have to be a member of their exclusive club.


You have to add the comma before “the club”.

But let’s say your membership card is misplaced or stolen. You may be wondering what steps to take to replace your card as quickly as possible. This post has the details you need to know about replacing a lost Sam’s Club membership card!

Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards In 2022?

Sam’s Club will now replace lost cards at no additional charge to customers as part of its new Lost and Stolen Membership Card program. If your membership card is stolen or lost, you must visit the membership desk first to receive replacement cards. The next time you go to your local Sam’s Club, you can get a replacement card, and your membership will remain active. As soon as you report a lost card, your membership will be in force.

The first thing you should do is to replace your lost Sam’s Club card as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you risk being charged higher fees, losing access to Sam’s Club, and even being unable to replace your card at certain times.

You can find more information about the steps to replace your lost Sam’s Club card in the article.

How Do You Replace A Lost Sam’s Club Membership Card?

After you realize that your Sam’s Club membership card has been lost, you can contact your local Sam’s Club.

You can get to your Sam’s Club store locator by visiting and typing your zip code into the search bar.

You can also contact Membercare at (888) 746-7726 if you need additional help. There is also a printed telephone number on the back of your card if you need additional assistance.

You need to report the lost card immediately so you can get a new number and be sure it doesn’t get used on another membership.

To get your replacement memberships, visit your local Sam’s Club Membership Desk to show your ID or passport.

If you can not find your membership card, or if you are having trouble activating another card, call the Credit Services department, where a representative will be happy to assist you.

The number for a call about your account can be found on the front of your statement.

Does Sam’s Club Replace Broken Or Damaged Membership Cards?

 Sam’s Club offers a no question asked, exchange program allowing members to exchange their damaged or broken Sam’s Club cards. Once your customer service representative determines that a card is not damaged, broken or cannot be replaced they will direct you to the exchange program where you will be given a replacement card free of charge.

Sam’s Club will replace damaged or broken membership cards at no additional cost to you. Simply visit the Membership Desk at any Sam’s Club location in the U.S.

This is not a new promotion.

You’ll get a replacement card, if you bring yourself, your membership number, and a valid picture ID.

When you become a member, you earn $ 10.00 worth of points through a special program.

If you’re looking for your membership card, you’ll have to visit the Membership Desk to get a new one.

What Do You Do If Your Sam’s Club Membership Card Is Stolen?

If your Sam’s Club card is stolen, make sure you report the theft to your local store right away.

Once the stolen Visa card has been reported to the issuing bank, you may no longer use the card in any Sam’s Club location.

As an added inconvenience, you will receive an error message when logging into your Sam’s Club account online, and your email account must be re-registered.

Get your card in the mail and head to your local Sam’s Club to shop for great savings on groceries, household goods, and other items.

If you have found someone else’s Membership, you can simply turn it over to Membership counter or the Customer Service desk.

Can You Get Extra Membership Cards At Sam’s Club?

When you receive the two cards, you’ll see the $40 price. Each card comes with a $40 purchase and a $40 gift card for spending outside of Sam’s Club. If you need more cards, the cost is $40 a piece for 8 cards.

 You have the option of getting 2 complimentary cards and 16 additional cards at $50 each. Or you could get just 2 complimentary cards for $100.

Membership cards can be received by going to the Membership Desk at your local Sam’s Club.

What Kinds Of Memberships Does Sam’s Club Offer?

Sam’s Club offers two membership programs. One of them offers free shipping and exclusive benefits. Other program provides discounts and promotions on Sam’s Club products.

With the Club membership, you’ll get 8 potential add-ons for $40 a piece. With the Plus membership, you can have up to 16 add-ons for $100 a piece.

The add-ons are the Club-level memberships where the $40 goes to cover various other benefits.

The Sam’s Club Plus Card offers more benefits than a Club Card and gives you access to additional savings and discounts, like prescriptions, optical, and auto services, exclusive deals, and more cashback.

You might also be interested in reading about the Sam’s Club Credit Card and Sam’s Club Membership Refund. There are a couple of other details about how to get a Sam’s Club membership refund.


The club would replace your membership with a new one, free of charge, if you lost your card.

If your membership card is stolen, you can obtain a replacement by submitting a photocopied/printed copy of your driver’s license or other state-issued identification at one of our memberships desks.

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