Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy (All You Need To Know)

Many people lost their phones and wondered if their phone is stolen or lost. Verizon has a great policy for stolen and lost phones.

If you want to learn about the phone policy and how to get your phone back, keep reading!

What Is the Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy In 2022?

Verizon is still going to suspend your service if you can’t locate your phone, as long as you notify them within seven business days of losing the device. This is good news if you really can’t locate your phone, but if you find it later, you’ll have to pay for services for 30 days before you can get a replacement.

You want to know more about the Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone policy, including if you have to pay off a stolen phone? If so, check out the rest of this article to learn more!

What Happens If I Lost My Verizon Phone?

If you lost your phone, you need to see if you can find it. If you can’t find it, then you need to suspend your phone before anyone else uses it.

As soon as your service is disconnected, you will no longer have access to your service information, but your old phone number will not be disconnected.
If you do not have access to your service information, you can get a new phone any time of the day or night.

Will I Still Get Promotions If My Verizon Phone is Lost or Stolen?

If you have found your phone, but it’s not yet up for sale, there is a good chance that you may not receive any new promotions in the future.

So if you have a promotion that gives you $20 off your phone line for 2 months, if you find your phone within the duration of this promotion, you will get $40 off your phone bill. If you didn’t find your phone until after the promotion ends, your credit will have already been applied.

If you have already reported a lost or stolen device, you do not need to do this, because these reports do have an impact on your account.

Will Verizon Give Me a New Phone If Mine is Stolen?

If you lost or had your device stolen you can get a new phone through your insurance plan.

You can also get a new phone if you are eligible for a trade-in or buyback offer and meet certain qualifications.

You’ll have to file the claim through their website before you can get a new phone for free, and you’ll need the device ID in order to get a new device.

Verizon is offering a buy back program for the HTC 10, in which you can send in your device for a free replacement. However, in order to do this, you will need to have a working device in your hands.

If you have old phone you want to use in the meantime you can try to activate that, or you can wait for the new one to come to you.

Do You Have to Pay off a Stolen Phone at Verizon?

If you have an insurance program with Verizon, you’ll receive a new or pre-owned device. You’ll then have to pay for that device under your Device Payment Agreement with Verizon.

Therefore, you’re still paying for the stolen phone, and don’t have to worry about also having to pay for the phone replacement.

Your bill will be reset and you only have 30 days to fix the problem and have services back up before you lose your number.

But if you go past the 30 day period, you’ll have to pay the Early Termination Fee for your contract, on top of the Device Payment Agreement amount still owed for that device.

How Many Times Can I Report a Lost or Stolen Device at Verizon?

you can report your phone as many times as it’s happened to you, but Verizon only allows for one suspension of service per line on your account every 12 months. They’ll then ask you to wait 15 days to submit a new report and to wait 60 days before you’re allowed to go back on the line.

you should always be mindful of your phone when you carry it since services wont be terminated for repeated offenses.

Does Verizon Bill You When Your Phone Is Stolen or Lost?

When you contact Verizon about your phone line being closed down, you don’t have to pay for the amount of time the line was still active, except for charges for the device or the subscription that ran on it.

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For instance, if you get a charge in your bill, your cellphone company will open an investigation.

Even then you’re not automatically charged because there are other people involved.

Can Verizon Lock a Stolen Phone?

The cell phone that has been lost or stolen will not be locked and can no longer connect to the Verizon network, but it is not a lock.

Also, the device will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi, which means that you will still be able to access the apps, messages, and contacts on your device.

Can You Keep the Same Phone Number If Your Device is Stolen?

If you lose your phone, the time frame for you to get a new SIM card and reconnect your service is only 30 days.

If you’ve had your phone suspended, you can’t get a new number or reconnect to your Verizon account. All you’ll be able to do is call customer support and ask for a replacement phone.

This may be because the phone is not able to contact the T-Mobile network, because of bad network signals, or because the phone is malfunctioning and is not able to communicate.


Verizon’s Stolen & Lost Phone Policy also states that you can’t have any devices on your account other than a smartphone, home phone, or tablet. If you attempt to add a phone that isn’t one of the three mentioned above, Verizon will add an additional charge to your bill. If we find out that you’re taking advantage of a free account, you can be on the hook for a minimum of $175 and potentially a lot more.

If you have phone insurance, you can get a new phone or pre-owned device for just the deductible price, but you have to reconnect the line within 30 days to keep your number.

So, from a UX standpoint, you would be better off providing the option to just drop the cost of your number completely by disconnecting the line.

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