What Happens If I Pay Off My Verizon Phone Early? (full Guide)

If you are currently on a Verizon plan

If you have paid off your Verizon phone and have been wondering what happens next, please use our Verison Phone Payoff Calculator. This will tell you if there is anything you should consider doing such as purchasing a new phone or signing up for the Verizon Select Plan.

Please let us know if you have any questions you would like to ask about phone payoffs, and we will be happy to help.

When you stop your contract, your phone will no longer work with Verizon. After this, you will have to go through the process of buying a new phone. Because Verizon will no longer be working with you, you will need to look on your own for your phone. You will need to find the phone number of the phone that you will buy and call the store from where you bought the phone.

What Happens If I Pay Off My Verizon Phone Early In 2022?

If you pay off your Verizon phone early then you are eligible for a new device update through Verizon in 2022. Although if you have a device, this means that your device payment will be waived, leaving you to pay only on your monthly Verizon bill.

You can usually still get a new phone with the same model number, so if you have a phone that’s still under contract when you get your bill in the mail, you’re probably able to get a new one without issue.
That said, some people do find themselves in a situation where they’re able to take advantage of a special Verizon offer to get a free new phone, which will have a better camera, a better display, or a cheaper price tag.

How Can I Pay Off My Verizon Phone Early?

Since you were with Verizon for a while you have the opportunity to pay off your entire phone early before upgrading.

I could add my carrier account information to my profile, then login to manage and modify my carrier account.

It’s easy to pay off your Verizon phone early through the My Verizon app, and just follow the steps below to make your last device payment using the My Verizon app.
[Video]: Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to pay off your Verizon phone early and use the My Verizon app.

On the My Verizon website you’ll discover how to get free shipping, view our latest offers, learn about special pricing, and much more.

When you go to the Pay Off Device page on the My Verizon website you will find the device information.

After entering your card information and the amount you wish to pay, you can either add a discount (using a coupon, discount code, etc.) or just pay the full price.
That’s it! Your device has been properly paid off!

I have had problems with Verizon for years and years and years. They have a bad service record.

You can go to your local Verizon store and pay off your Verizon cell phone early if you want, but you’ll need to have your account number and other payment information with you.

You will be able to pay at your local Verizon store with cash, credit card, debit card, a Verizon gift card, and other payment methods which could vary by store.

If your provider has a free calling feature which does allow you to use a different phone number for your inbound calls (see Phone Number), you can use it to bypass the blocked call. Simply register another phone number with the program at https://www.voip-info.org/pmt-registration. There are several free Voip and calling plans available. Note that you may need to request a new SIM card at your providers store if you only have one phone number currently in your account.

Do I Still Get Promotional Credits If I Pay Off My Verizon Phone Early?

Customers who have a Verizon device that has been paid off for 18 months or more will no longer receive any promotional discounts or credits for that device.

So it’s a good idea to ask Verizon about what credits are ending after you pay off your phone so you can know exactly how much your phone bill will be.

Can I Upgrade My Phone Right After Paying Off My Verizon Phone Early?

You don’t need to wait until you get a new phone or a new device and you should be able to get accessories at the same time you’re getting accessories for your new phone.

Yes, you can pick up your phone without paying for the service, and go into Verizon to pick up a new phone. You can also keep your old phone.

Will My Verizon Bill Go Down After I Pay Off My Phone?

You’ll be a lot closer to paying off your device once you’ve paid off your phone, rather than paying twice as much and then having to pay off the device.

For example, if you only pay for mobile on your plan and not TV and home internet, Verizon could allow you to cut your bill by $20 every month.

The new monthly bill will also depend on how many lines are on your account, whether you go over data and several other factors that are specific to your situation and account.

Let’s try to get the monthly bill to zero.

You can learn more about Verizon Mobile Secure, if you can pay by PayPal, and if you can get your pay stub by email.


If you pay off your Verizon phone early, you will no longer have your device payment charges on your account, but you will lose any promotional credits assigned to that particular device. This means that even with a paid off device, Verizon’s promotions can still be applied.

But if you decide to pay off your device early, you have the option to upgrade your device and you can trade in your phone to put towards your Verizon bill or just purchase accessories.

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